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an annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic


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The Jurists and Praetors introduced Legalism into Rome.
Trimalchio's attempts, then, at hosting a quasi-munera during the Cena suggest his desire to increase his social status by emulating the role played by the praetors, and by making ostentatious display of his wealth.
What matters for the present discussion is that by the late Republic, the praetors were the leading reformers within the Roman legal system.
suggesting that the best reading "would make Gregory urban praetor,
The edicts of senior magistrates, the praetors, and later also those of the aediles, the Edicta Magistratum created the jus honorarium, which swept away much of the rigidity of early Roman laws and, during the later Republic, introduced some form of equity.
Boureau argues that they were used in the investiture ceremony because their shape could be seen as an echo of the folding curule chairs which were a symbol of the power of consuls and praetors, but as they also echo a commode, they invited scurrilous parodies, including the fiction of the verification ceremony.
Marcus Antonius had completed a year in office in 103 BC as one of the middle-ranking city magistrates of Rome, called praetors, and he was assigned the war against the Cilicians as his `province' (provincia), or area of responsibility, for the next year.
of the emblems, indeed instruments, of imperium, which lictors bore in front of magistrates (consuls, praetors, proconsuls, and others; fasces were originally inherited by the consuls from the kings [Livy 2.
Servilius Isauricus as consuls; the correct number of praetors (all eligible to hold the office), aediles, and quaestors.
The customary procedure was for the presiding magistrate to bring (referre) an open question (res integra) before the Senate (relatio), call upon the senators in descending order of rank (in loco suo), beginning with the consuls-elect and then the consulars, then praetors-elect and past praetors in descending order of dignitas and auctoritas.
Why have our two consuls and praetors come out today wearing their embroidered, their scarlet togas?
The legal term fictio notoriously developed when ancient Roman praetors in a court of law endorsed false procedural statements that extended a right of action beyond its intended scope.
lt;<The Triumph, the Praetors and the Senate in the Early Second Century B.
The judicial power, for example, was shared among certain of the assemblies and the praetors.
28 and describe Sabinus' entrapment by a group of ambitious praetors wishing to gratify Sejanus and so secure the consulship, an office ad quem non nisiper Seianum aditus, `to which the only access was through Sejanus' (68.