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capital and largest city of Slovakia

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The participants of the trial included witnesses and a court reporter from the village of Szilincs (o-dialect, -rol/-rol, -bol/ -bol, -tul/-tul variants), notaries from Nagyszombat (i-dialect, -rul/-rul, -bul/-bul, -tul/-tul variants), and prosecutors-notaries from Pozsony (they, however, used -rol/-rol, -bol/-bol, -tol/-tol variants).
Four such areas could be identified with a high degree of certainty: (a) the central transitional area of the capital between areas II, V, and IV (Esztergom, the capital from the 960s to 1256, Buda from 1256 to 1536, the royal summer capital Visegrad in the Middle Ages, Pest-Buda, later Budapest since 1848); (b) the vicinity of Pozsony within the previous area II (Pozsony, the capital of Hungary from 1536 to 1848, nowadays Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia).
He worked in laboratories at universities in Pozsony (Bratislava), Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Leyden and Groningen.
24) In a letter to Szilady, Vambery expresses his annoyance and even anger at being deceived by Mollah Ishak who, instead of going to Halas to visit Szilady, went to the Hungarian cities of Esztergom, Gyor, Komarom, Pozsony, and the capital of Austro-Hungary, Vienna, most unforgivably spending 30 forints.
Born to a musical family, Erkel was educated in Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia), a city some thirty-five miles northeast of Vienna and dominated by Viennese culture.
There is less agreement with the peripheral Esztergom sources, such as the codices of the collegiate chapter of Pozsony (i.
Dohnanyi composed his String Sextet in B[flat] Major in 1893 when he was a student at the Kiralyi Kotolikus Fogimnazium (Royal Catholic Chief Gymnasium) in Pozsony, Hungary.