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a lake in central China that is connected to the Chang Jiang by a canal

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The diving behavior of scaly- sided mergansers (Mergus squamatus) was studied in the Yihuang section of the Poyang Lake watershed, from December 2012 to March
We hope to establish a comprehensive, systematic and authoritative database, which is also long-term based and dynamic, to solve the natural and social problems facing Poyang Lake, and to realize sustainable development in the region," Hu said.
The water-surface area of Poyang Lake shrank to less than 200 square km this month, or 5 percent of its full size, revealing much of its underwater terrain and stranding fishing boats.
Heavy rains overwhelmed three reservoirs in Poyang county in northern Jiangxi province, forcing the evacuation of more than 10,000 people.
Could the higher and more persistent frequencies of Musa-type phytoliths at Poyang Lake in the Middle Yangtze River Valley between c.
The company only uses shellfish from China's Poyang Lake which has strict environmental controls, making the products 100 per cent sustainable.
Poyang Lake is the largest fresh water lake in China.
In one area affected by the drought, state media have reported that the surface area of China's largest freshwater lake, Poyang Lake in the eastern province of Jiangxi, has shrunk from 3,000 square kilometers to 50 square km this year.
This seems to suggest that the origin of the Miao is east of Guizhou where they now are, possibly near Lake Tungting (in present-day Hunan province) and Lake Poyang (in northwestern Kiangsi), for it would probably be around these big lakes that the "waves billowed up to the blue sky" and where the shore and land around was "as flat as a bamboo mat.
The river links the town to Poyang Lake--the trading outlet to the Chang Jiang (Yangtze), the rest of China and the world.
Near Lushan, Hanpo Pass is the beginning of Poyang Lake, one of China's largest lakes.
101-628) of his more recent (1986) work, Bomoh-Poyang: Traditional Medicine and Ceremonial Art of the Aborigines of Malaysia,(176) Werner (himself a physician) takes up the topics of Jah Hut medical principles and the procedures for becoming a poyang or shaman.
With all his experience with wild cranes in many countries, he had never before seen four species in a single sighting, not even among the great crane assemblies at Poyang Lake in southeastern China, where four crane species regularly spend the winter.
The preliminary study on bird diversity during nonbreeding period of Poyang Lake region in Gongqingcheng City.