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Synonyms for virus

anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

Synonyms for virus

a harmful or corrupting agency

a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer

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Fowl pox virus does not perpetrate in tad skin, some break in the skin is required for the virus to enter the cells, grow and cause disease.
Oxman of UC San Diego would like to find a way to keep the chicken pox virus dormant forever.
Lancashire Wildlife Trust's Red Squirrel Project Officer Rachel Miller said: "The Sefton Coast reds suffered catastrophic losses in 2008 when as few as one in ten survived an outbreak of the squirrel pox virus.
14, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania's effort to eradicate the Plum Pox Virus from fruit-bearing trees continues to be a success, Agriculture Secretary George Greig announced today.
Charity Saving Scottish Red Squirrels have issued free home-trapping kits in a bid to stem the spread of the squirrel pox virus - harmless to greys but lethal to reds.
Discover how to look for red squirrel activity, and find out about the effects of the squirrel pox virus.
A Feline pox virus (or feline cowpox) is usually caused by an infected bite from a rodent which develops into lesions on a cat's skin.
And the grey squirrel, which competes for food with its smaller native cousin and carries the squirrel pox virus that is fatal to the red, is moving "like you wouldn't believe" into northern areas of England.
This protein is required for activation of the middle- and late-stage pox virus genes," explains Steven Broyles, professor of biochemistry at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
And we've heard some remarkable stories - from the 15-year-old whose babyhood chicken pox virus attacked the enamel on her teeth and made them crumble, to the work colleague who contracted the illness when she was 19, but only discovered the angry bright red spots during an intimate moment with a boyfriend on a romantic date.
The plum pox virus itself is little more than a filament of RNA surrounded by a protein coat.
The big question, whether growers caught the pox virus early enough to eradicate it, remains unanswered.
AVEG researchers hope to avoid past failures with subunit vaccines by combining them with another vaccine--for the canary pox virus, which is safe in humans.
The development of biotech stone fruit trees that are resistant to plum pox virus.
In 2011, more than 90% of Tollymore Forest's red squirrel population was wiped out due to the squirrel pox virus, carried by grey squirrels.