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Indian chief and founder of the Powhatan confederacy of tribes in eastern Virginia

a member of the Algonquian people who formerly lived in eastern Virginia

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the Algonquian language of the Powhatan

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He incorporates another report by Smith detailing how Powhatan ordered fifteen boys to be sacrificed to ensure victory over the colonists.
The excellent reception of the ad by the Virginia Press Association meant the ad got an encore of sorts in the Powhatan Today newspaper.
The New World'': She stops her father, Chief Powhatan, from executing him.
In POCAHONTAS AND THE POWHATAN DILEMMA (Hill and Wang, $23), Townsend goes back to the seventeenth-century archives, reads around in the British journalism and poetry of the time (Ben Jonson saw P.
Several local groups participated in the event, including members of the 12th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Company K; the Powhatan Artillery (Dance's Battery); and the 1st Delaware Cavalry.
Underscoring the hybridity of her project, Allen employs Algonquin concepts and words and attempts to base her interpretations of Pocahontas on "a Powhatan worldview.
A memorial service will be held Tuesday in Powhatan.
Thousands of American Indian and European artefacts found at a site in Virginia have prompted speculation that it could have been the village ruled by Powhatan, the Indian chief who was the father of the legendary Pocahontas.
Then, Laura Robb, middle school teacher at Powhatan School, an independent K-8 school in Boyce, Va.
We know that she was Powhatan's daughter, and in 1609 he was the principal leader of his people; and that Powhatan's two brothers and a sister, her uncles and aunt, were the leaders in three of the towns nearby, and that when Powhatan died, his brothers, not his children, governed in his place.
John Smith, at Jamestown in 1607, had no question he faced a king when he met with Powhatan.
Gleach convincingly demonstrates the great degree to which Powhatan, his daughter, and Powhatan Indians as a whole are unfamiliar because their cultural perspectives have been overlooked or misunderstood.
She holds Dance du Clos on earlier form and was hampered when second to Prince Powhatan in a Listed race at Nantes eight days ago.
They learned that the landmark known as Powhatan Hill originally was inhabited by leaders of a large Indian nation displaced after English explorers arrived in 1607.
Camp Powhatan, Oxford, Maine Seeds of Peace, Washington, DC