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Rugeley Power station, which faces possible closure under government plans to phase out coal-|fired power stations
The boilers being installed in the Medupi and Kusile power stations feature supercritical pressure technologies that enable more efficient power generation than conventional coal-fired power plants.
A senior official at the Egyptian Gas Holding Company (EGAS) revealed to Daily News Egypt that a maximum of 95m cubic metres of gas will be pumped daily, as well as 24,000 tons of fuel oil and 8,000 tonnes of diesel to power stations over the three months of summer.
The CEGB's power station legacy is now being run down due to age or EU emission regulations for coal-fired power stations.
Over the last few years, the GE[micro]sgen nuclear power station has implemented major investment projects to ensure its safe and economical long-term operation.
A MAJOR investment is to be made in crucial emission-reducing green energy technology at a power station in South Wales.
FORMER Blyth Power Station workers are urged to come forward to help out a colleague.
It took in young people as trainee engineers for the future when another power station will be built: then hopefully the families that went to other power stations in other countries will come back to Wales to live.
FoE Cymru director Gareth Clubb said Wales' comparatively poor performance was partly owing to fossil-fuelled power stations while more renewable energy such as wind and hydro power are used in Scotland and England.
Brayton Point Power Station, a 1,528-megawatt power station in Somerset, Mass.
Italian and Macedonian investors are going to build mini hydroelectric power stations in Macedonia and in three years 21 such facilities with annual output of 87 GWh of electricity should be made part of Macedonia's energy system.
It is Stanwell's largest operating site and is recognized as one of the most efficient and economic sub-critical coal-fired power stations in Australia.
Summary: Doha, May 19, 2010, SPA -- Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah stressed on Tuesday that projects aimed at generating electricity, including the Ras Qurtas Power Stations and Mesaieed Power Station will provide the country with a surplus.
Qasim Khan emphasized upon the capacity building of engineers to develop their technical potential through seminars and interaction with engineers of other power stations.
After the Bombay attack (26/11) we got the information that many hydro power stations are on terrorists' list.