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equipment failure resulting when the supply of power fails

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Separately, Delhi airport has been unaffected by the power blackout as a back-up diesel generator has provided electricity to the facility.
Many businesses have been crippled by the almost continuous power blackouts that are still afflicting Yemen.
There needs to be development of a new cross-disciplinary approach for analyzing and preventing systemic failures in complex systems that play a role in calamities ranging from huge power blackouts to the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon disaster and the subprime mortgage crisis, insists Venkat Venkatasubramanian, professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
Hurricane Katrina's impact on retailers on the Gulf Coast has underlined the vulnerability of store and logistical operations to such natural disasters and manmade dislocations as the Eastern power blackout of 2003.
DTE Energy received the 2004 President's Award for Communications Management for its solid communication plan in the wake of the 2003 power blackout.
One of the best examples of this occurred in 2003 when a power blackout temporarily postponed the Information Age for 50 million people in the northeastern United States.
Meanwhile, the Nagano Shinkansen suspended its service between Sakudaira and Takasaki stations due to power blackout.
Just finished the excellent article on surviving a power blackout (February/March 2004) and was reminded of our eight-hour black-out with Hurricane Isabel.
The power blackout that crippled parts of the Northeast, Midwest and Canada last August had a positive impact on the environment: cleaner skies.
In 2003, the Canadian economy underwent a number of shocks, including the appreciation of the dollar, the power blackout in Ontario, the SARS outbreak, the one case of mad cow disease (BSE) in Alberta, forest fires in British Columbia and a drop in the demand for automobiles.
In early 2003 the cities of New York, Chicago, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal suffered a power blackout.
The power blackout in US north - east and the adjacent part of the Canada in Aug.
The vulnerability of computer networks was tested in August, first by a new "worm" program, then by the power blackout that hit the Northeast.
The vulnerability of computer networks was tested in mid-August, first by a new "worm" program, then by the record-setting power blackout that hit the Northeast, and has highlighted the need for cyber-insurance, according to industry observers.
If an organization lacks a disaster-recovery plan (dealing with anything from a power blackout to a fire or earthquake), preparing the plan should be given high priority.