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a highly energetic and indefatigable person

a team considered to be the best of its class

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In his report, the DC stated that water discharged from the power house was used for irrigation purpose and fish ponds.
But at the end of the day when the power house is near to complete, the Wapda and Pesco authorities denied their promise and they are not ready to give them power connections from the house.
They said that at first when the work was resumed they were assured by the authorities that they will be given not only power supply from this power house but also special quotas for class four staff and they will be compensated.
The power house was filled with sand in the last year's flood after which power supply was disconnected to nearby areas.
The power house has two units of 1 MW each that were running round the clock.
Construction of power house on Tunnel 5 will run parallel to work on Tunnel 4.
Sharjah: InterGlobe Marine defeated Power House CC by 54 runs to enter the semi-finals of the Sharjah T20 Summer Cup at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium through an entertaining knock from Sajjad Malok.
According to details, a structure erected for the extension of new power house at Tarbela collapsed entrapping and killing three Chinese and two Pakistani engineers.
Ruaha River Power Company, a Tanzanian subsidiary of Continental Energy Corporation (OTCQB: CPPXF), has completed construction of the central power house at its Malolo Mini-Grid development.
General Officer Commanding Malakand Major General Javed Mahmood Bukhari inaugurated the power house.
Power Houses: One power house is identified in the vicinity of workshops at Mughalpura built during the year 1908.
Hussain insisted that Pakistan's government is working on emergency basis about energy crisis and Cabinet Committee approved the installation of 1100 MW Power House at Kohala.
According to the sources PEPCO has restored 70 per cent electricity supply in a short time adding that the floods had swept away roads, canals, dams, power house and under-construction power houses.
The girl, 18, had been in the Power House club, on Westmorland Road, then got a cab home.
The CHP project will expand the university's existing power house to include a 5.