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United States general who was the first African American to serve as chief of staff

English physicist who discovered the pion (the first known meson) which is a subatomic particle involved in holding the nucleus together (1903-1969)

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Melissa Ann Blair and Anthony Powell shared a long kiss at the end of a visit last year at the Oregon State Penitentiary and she passed seven tiny balloons filled with methamphetamine into his mouth.
Josh Powell and his father, Gifford, are working to revive a brand once popular in central Arkansas: Back Yard Burgers.
Waugh visited The Chantry in October 1952, shortly after the Powells had moved in, accompanied by his "well-conducted son," Auberon, in his first term at nearby Downside.
The couple even asked the Powells to be matron of honor and best man, a serious honor for the married managers, who have run Garden Way since it opened two years ago and have worked in the industry for nine years.
I joined Griffiths & Armour in Liverpool and, for the last five years, I've been with Powells in Liverpool.
Tony Powells, James Ng, Shan Shiwen, David Reston Left: Clive Black, David Sedgewick, Yuhua Yang, Robert Morfee Right: Yuhe Yang, Robert Morfee
Spizzerinktum: The Rapturous Delight of Growing Up American is the exuberant account of the life of the Powells a family with strong Quaker and Baptist roots.
The immediate financial priority for the Powells is to gear up for the upcoming costs of their sons' university education.
In an effort to encourage "green" reading, NLC and Powell's will be creating an e-book page on Powells.
Tourism, too, originally brought the Powells to Sarasota.
These included Morgans, Merediths, Williams', Dawdys, Clarns, Powells, Bowens, Prichards, Pulliums, Howels, Williams, Lewis', Davis', and Jones'.
The Powells were looking for another market, and somehow a piece of scrap from the manufacturing process of the saw blades found its way into the hands of a buyer for L.
I WOULD be very interested to hear any information about the Spade Mill, which operated at Powells Pool in Sutton Park during the 19th century.
AGRINET FARM RADIO NETWORK 104 Radio Rd, Powells Point, NC 27966; 252/491-2414, FAX: 252/491-2939 Web site: www.