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French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)

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Sales are going along quite nicely and poussin is growing in popularity all the time.
Poussin is rumoured to have been a Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who are believed to have safeguarded the mythical relic.
Lellouche said: "All has gone very well with Poussin since his second in the Prix d'Ispahan.
At the same time, Green Label are also boasting a whole new range of speciality poultry products including guinea fowl, corn fed chicken, poussin, foie gras and smoked speciality poultry.
Famous artists like Poussin, Durer, and El Greco are here, as well as many who are less well known or even anonymous.
John Stallworthy's 1995 biography of MacNeice is listed in the acknowledgments at the book's end along with three accounts of the Cambridge spies and Blunt's Poussin.
In contrast, Carrier is indebted to Poussin ('Why would I devote much time and passionate attention to an artist, if not because I identify with him?
They include gnocchi, Thai green curry, Welsh lamb, sea bass, hake, roasted stuffed butternut squash, poussin (young chicken) and rib eye steak.
The exhibition in Grenoble was a mini-retrospective spread across five galleries, each containing what at first glance appeared to be a completely different project: an installation, Paysage avec poussin et temoins oculaires (version W (Landscape with Poussin and Eyewitnesses [version V]), 2012; two films, Floues et coloroes (Blurry and Colorful), 2010, and De l'argent filme de profil et tie trois-quarts (Money Filmed in Profile and Three-Quarters View), 2010; another installation, this time of vitrines, Le Proche et le lointain (Near and Far), 2011; a room of wall paintings and reliefs, Reproductions and Homonymes, both 2012; and another film, Premier reve d'Oskar Fischinger (First Dream of Oskar Fischinger), 2008.
The Franois Zola Dam by Paul Czanne, David Hockney's The Actor, Claude Monet's Waterlilies and The Finding of Moses by Nicolas Poussin are the favourites respectively of (clockwise from top left, below) Bryn Terfel, Ioan Gruffudd, Alex Jones, Dame Shirley Bassey
A masterpiece by Poussin and the best Cy Twombly works look very different, but they both can make us, if we look hard enough, feel the same things: shock and awe.
Tandoori Poussin - clove smoked poussin marinated in yoghurt and cardamom
Sultry mistress of the hob Nigella (above) returns with a new series in which she creates dishes such as roast Poussin accompanied by sweet potatoes.
The artists Rubens and Poussin, or actors playing them, will bring their works to life with talks of their travels in Europe, there will be gallery talks for adults and hands-on art and craft activities for youngsters.
Finally this Cajun Spatchcock Poussin with Spicy Tomato Salsa will really set the taste buds tingling.