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French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)

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I fancied poultry, so went for roasted poussin marinated in preserved lemons and Greek yoghurt.
Through this kind of collocation--undogmatic, felicitous--the exhibition worked to dismantle over-neat ideas of Twombly being a Romantic and Poussin a classicist.
Neatly bracketed by Poussin and Derrida--her haptic sensibility playing alongside a love of sprawling textuality--Koether achieved a mise en abyme effect in her exhibitions not unlike that typical of Derrida's writing.
A gallery employee stands in front of a painting entitled 'Tancred and Erminia', by Poussin, part of 'Birth of a Collection' at the National Gallery
place weight on top and refrigerate overnight Unmold poussin terrine.
Welsh stars Alex Jones, Bryn Terfel, Dame Shirley Bassey and Ioan Gruffudd and their favourite pieces of art: Claude Monet - Waterlilies; Paul Cezanne - The Francois Zola Dam; Nicolas Poussin - The Finding of Moses; and David Hockney - The Actor 1964
So as the rest of my cook school buddies gleefully tucked into their yummy plates of food, Kirsty and I looked for the nearest black plastic bag to quietly dump my hazardous efforts before any of the top chefs around spotted what I had done to the poor defenceless spatchcock poussin.
Gressingham Foods is extending its speciality poultry range to include two new fresh poussin products for the retail market.
There are also his writings about the Poussin Affair of 1849 (when Franco-American relations were in crisis) and his views of Thomas Sedgwick's A Treatise on the Rules .
By means of regular strolls through parks and gardens in the city, conversations with friends (the ex-therapist and author, Mara Darboven, and the anarchistic poet and adventurer, Keet) and mentors (the Kafka-woman from Prague, Katarzyna Kedzierzawska, and the master from Hungary), as well as the reading she does on the sublime landscapes of Nicolas Poussin, she eventually comes to the realisation that the picturesque mode is by no means an outdated mode of aesthetic appreciation of natural environments even though it has been viewed with growing scepticism during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Harrisons--a major supplier of poussin, or young chickens, to domestic and export markets--fell into administration last month citing severe market competition, low sales and poor prices.
Take, for instance, his choice of two paintings, by Poussin and Tiepolo respectively, to illustrate the cultural shift he proposes.
Grilled poussin with pickled lemon relish ras el hanout is the mild Moroccan spice mixture.
For the ambitious gourmand, the classic Poussin Pernodine is a party favorite.
Jasper Johns: Gray, through May 4, Poussin and Nature, through May 11, Radiance from the Rainforest: Featherwork in Ancient Peru, through Sept.