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French pianist and composer (1899-1963)

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As Poulenc outlined in one of his best-known articles ("In Praise of Banality," 1935), artists should not resist drawing inspiration from what has come before, since "being afraid of what's been heard already is quite often proof of impotence" (p.
When I listen to certain songs, they remind me of other Poulenc pieces.
Poulenc became the musician of Louise de Vilmorin by default, for very few other composers elected her as their muse.
In June 1917, Guillaume Apollinaire's drama Les Mamelles de Tiresias (The Breasts of Tiresias) premiered in Montmartre to an audience that included Picasso, Cocteau, Satie, Matisse, and Poulenc.
The production is performed in admirably clear English rather than French, Poulenc apparently having requested his opera be sung in the language of whatever country it is presented.
Siguiendo la linea de Chabrier, y a su vez la de Satie y Faure, Poulenc de igual modo volvio los ojos al siglo XIX.
357-8), which must have been started, because Poulenc talks about 'selling the different, titled movements separately' and of having Marguerite Long provide fingering for them.
Aunque lo habia visto ya un par de veces representado sobre el foro, Poulenc leyo el texto en la Piazza Navona de Roma "de un tiron", segun sus propias palabras.
Although readers looking for a general introduction to Poulenc through his writings may not regret the omissions, serious scholars of French music will find the selection unsatisfactory and will still have a need to turn to the original.
Ex Cathedra Symphony Hall A showcase of magnificent French music with a celebration of Poulenc on the 50th year since his death and the evergreen exquisite Faure Requiem.
Among twentieth century composers of art songs, Francis Poulenc is arguably the best known.
Part of the opera's beauty is due to Poulenc's own musical genius; part is due to Georges Bernanos's text that Poulenc was inspired to use as his libretto; and part is due to the deep understanding of Catholic faith that both Poulenc and Bernanos shared.
Chalmers Award ($10,000), offered by the Canadian Opera Volunteer Committee for the Best Canadian Artist; the Joseph Rouleau Award ($7,500), offered by the Hans Black Foundation for the best artist from Quebec; the Poulenc French Song Award ($4,000), offered by Dalton Baldwin and l'Association des Amis de Francis Poulenc; and the People's Choice Award ($2,500), in "Tribute to Leopold Simoneau.