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French pianist and composer (1899-1963)

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As Poulenc outlined in one of his best-known articles ("In Praise of Banality," 1935), artists should not resist drawing inspiration from what has come before, since "being afraid of what's been heard already is quite often proof of impotence" (p.
When I listen to certain songs, they remind me of other Poulenc pieces.
In June 1917, Guillaume Apollinaire's drama Les Mamelles de Tiresias (The Breasts of Tiresias) premiered in Montmartre to an audience that included Picasso, Cocteau, Satie, Matisse, and Poulenc.
Keck compiled one on Poulenc in 1990, and Shapiro is preparing a Les Six companion, but the only other volume close to Les Six is David L.
The theme is most self-evident in the Weill, though it's also fundamental to Medusa's biographical monologue and in the staging of the Poulenc, as it were, on the road, a road, in fact, is a central component of Lyne's set, though it becomes finally Medusa's lair on a rocky crag, where she ends up in self-exile.
Surely no one could quibble, though, with the Poulenc Sonata as a program item.
Kennedy (2), Otto Klemperer (4), Serge Koussevitzky, Leipzig Conservatory, Paul Le Flem, Daniel Lesur, Dinu Lipatti (2), Arthur Lourie, Lorin Maazel, Igor Markevitch, Jean Martinon (2), Bohuslav Martinu (7), Olivier Messiaen (2), Darius Milhaud (7), Pierre Monteux (6), Celestine Munch (7), Fritz Munch (2), Walter Piston (2), Francis Poulenc (8), Serge Prokofiev, Jean Rivier, Guy Ropartz (10), Albert Roussel (5), Mme Francis Salabert, Florent Schmitt (2), Arnold Schoenberg, Albert Schweitzer (4), William Schuman, Strasbourg's Mayor [not named], Joseph Szigeti, Alexandre Tcherepnine (6), Jacques Thibaud, Arturo Toscanini, Walter Toscanini, Wanda Toscanini, Triton Concerts [no person named], and Heitor Villa-Lobos.
Poulenc and Lassus are the only composers also represented in the Proms programme, though by different works.
He remained faithful to Apollinaire--whom he met in the same year, 1917, as he encountered Satie--throughout his life; but during the 1930s and 1940s Paul Eluard, "who always brought out the best in me" (see chapter 4 of my Francis Poulenc [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993], where I develop these ideas more fully), joined Apollinaire as inspirer and begetter, in tune with the disillusioned mood of the Second-World-War years, as Apollinaire had been a tenderly ironic child of the First.
Francis Poulenc was one of the most distinctive and recognisable French composers of the 20th century, yet little of his piano music seems to find a regular place in recital programmes.
Personable soloist Pascal Roge, tactfully scaling his playing to the cosy proportions of comfortable Spadesbourne Hall, presented an imaginative lead-in to the first of his Poulenc offerings.
has been Project Leader at Rhone Poulenc Industrialisation where he was in charge of several industrial developments including the industrialization of novel biocatalytic processes.
It is typical of Francis Poulenc that he should creep up on us unawares, almost flippantly dropping us the hint as we get over Christmas and New Year festivities that the centenary of his birth is at hand; tomorrow, in fact.
Fondse both came to AgraQuest from Rhone Poulenc Ag Co.
She wrote to Poulenc in a letter of November 1936, "It is you, Francis, it is you who the first (you are thus Francis I) have had the idea to 'commission' poems from me, in order to set them to music.