Pott's disease

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TB of the spine with destruction of vertebrae resulting in curvature of the spine

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This was due to the relatively short distance between the upper and lower calyces resulting from her short stature, Pott's disease, and severe scoliosis, leading to one of the CNT holes being outside of the kidney and resulting in urinary leakage.
Transplantation of a portion of the tibia into the spine for Pott's disease.
This Saturday I counted 29 patients: 6 with Pott's disease, tuberculosis of the spine; 5 with rheumatic heart disease; 5 with cancer; 4 with congenital spine disease; 1 with TB of the hip; 1 with endocardial cushion defect; 1 with giant plexiform neurofibroma; and 1 with a fist-sized meningocele.
Pott's disease of the spine may mimic other disease processes, and thus a definite list of differential diagnosis should be kept in mind before proceeding with specific treatment.
One of the many presentations is tuberculosis of the spine, or Pott's disease.
Disk herniation, compression fractures, prevertebral and epidural abscesses, and even para- or quadriplegia may result from spinal involvement of TB, a condition known as tuberculous spondylitis or Pott's disease.
Pott's Disease required continuous use of a frame or brace for at least a year; full recovery took up to 5 years.