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any of various herbaceous plants whose leaves or stems or flowers are cooked and used for food or seasoning

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The titles of their contributions are as follows: An introduction to the scientific literature of herbs, spices and medicinal plants, Chemotaxonomic aspects of essential oils, Botanical nomenclature of culinary herbs and potherbs, Biochemistry of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes of the essential oils, The biochemical pharmacology of plantalkaloids, Plyphenolic compounds with biological and pharmacological activity, Production ecology of secondary plant products, The chemistry, pharmacology and commercial formulations of chamomile, and Medicinal plants of Israel -an ethnobotanical survey.
Those he shares include the familiar salads and potherbs, but also dandelion juice cocktail, gelatin, fried dandelion, quiche, dandelion with spaghetti (Gail says dandelions, under the name "ciccoria," are practically a national dish in Italy), soup, bread, pizza, Pennsylvania German gravy, green drink surprise, green noodles, beer and wine and even meringue pie.
That's because the fixers knew nobody would bet on Henman in the first place - nobody, that is, except Home Counties potherbs named Simon and Pippa.
Many greens and potherbs are available from early spring to late summer.
It took a long time for Palace potherbs to cotton on that the British public will not allow today's service to be used as PR stunt to promote Camilla as our future queen.