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Synonyms for potentiometer

a measuring instrument for measuring direct current electromotive forces

a resistor with three terminals, the third being an adjustable center terminal

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Some of these methods require expensive apparatus and are time consuming, whereas determination of silver(I) ions with potentiometric methods are both low cost and simple [16], Especially potentiometric systems combined with flow injection analysis systems can be used in potentiometric analysis due to their great properties such as working in a small sample volumes, continuous washing of detector, simple instrumentation and wide linear working range [17-19].
Figure 2 illustrates a typical titration curve of potentiometric analysis of the sulfate ions obtained on the thermal KPS decomposition after 30 min of decomposition reaction.
For competence in titrimetric / potentiometric analysis, in the food industry, the Food Potentiometric Analysis Collection is a know-how package for the practical analyst.
In case of the potentiometric analysis [11] of phenols the change in electrode potential with concentration is used for analysis.