Potentilla anserina

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low-growing perennial having leaves silvery beneath

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Populus tremuloides -- -- -- Potentilla anserina -- -- -- Potentilla fruticosa 60, 20, 22 27, 7.
In our study species, Potentilla anserina, the plant consists of a series of internode-node stolon modules and each of the ramets may produce only one terminal flower in the year it is formed (Eriksson 1985, 1988).
We manipulated reproductive effort of Potentilla anserina plants either by hand-pollinating all flowers or by preventing pollination.
The natural habitats of Potentilla anserina include shores of seas, lakes, and rivers, but the species also invades open man-made habitats such as pastures, meadows, and roadsides.
The clonal growth form of Potentilla anserina allowed us also to examine the allocation between sexual and clonal propagation.