Potemkin village

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something that seems impressive but in fact lacks substance

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In many ways, according to Al-Jazeera, Camp VI was America's Potemkin Village, meant to mask Guantanamo's defining and ugly truth: that it is a dungeon where men languish without fair process, hostages to US partisan politics.
Adolf Eichmann as a bogus town run by Jews themselves--a Potemkin village designed to dupe the world--Theresienstadt was one of the grimmest chapters in the long record of Nazi atrocities.
She says there are two countries in the North: a "Pyongyang Republic" of mostly party members enjoying the better life in a Potemkin Village, and a "Republic of Everyone Else," scrabbling out, often illegally, a meager existence in the poor country-side.
The GOP's regressive positions are camouflaged behind a disintegrating Potemkin village of plutocratic marketing and co-opted populist outrage.
To cap off the fraud of our Iraqi Potemkin village, President Obama's much-vaunted announcement of a "mission change," the slow-motion "withdrawal" of troops is more than compensated for by the influx of mercenaries.
He was completely taken in by the Potemkin village of a relief camp the district administration of Mianwali prepared for his visit.
In its eagerness to attract football fans in the teeth of a global recession, South Africa has been afflicted by a kind of Potemkin village mentality.
Anything short of that is a fiction, another City Hall Potemkin Village.
Imagine a cross between a squalid Potemkin village and a planned retirement community in Florida.
He questioned whether the "country is dopey enough to mistake microwave mobs staging Potemkin Village protests as accurate expression of true American opinion.
Britain is like a Potemkin village, those ersatz town frontages built for the Russian Tsar to gaze upon from his barge as he sailed by, apparently oblivious to the truth that there was nothing behind the facade.
But our public-private framework of economic security has decayed, leaving advocates of the existing policies increasingly defending a Potemkin village of hobbled and out-of-date protections.
If they leave their isolated enclaves at all, it's a guided tour to a Potemkin village.
Aa Claims such as these, the balsa wood struts that hold together the Potemkin village image Israel presents to the world, are now beginning to collapse before our eyes.