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disease of tomatoes and potatoes and tobacco etc caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas solanacearum

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These emergency measures do nothing to actively strengthen protection against the risk of potato ring rot as they simply require consignments imported from the Netherlands to notify Defra of their origin,' he said.
New biosecurity measures are being introduced to protect the UK from potato ring rot.
The warning comes following recent outbreaks of rhizomania in sugar beet crops in Herefordshire and Shropshire, and potato ring rot in the Welsh borders.
It was alarmed by the recent outbreak of potato ring rot at farm in the Brecon Beacons which arrived in a consignment of seed spuds from Holland.
British growers have pledged to contain and eradicate an outbreak of the highly contagious disease potato ring rot found on a farm in Wales.
The report comes within weeks of the discovery of new outbreaks of potato ring rot disease, which was unheard of in Britain before it was found on seed potatoes imported from Holland at Middlewood Farm, in Bwlch near Brecon last year.
Potato ring rot, the most virulent and devastating of potato diseases,has been found in Wales among seed potatoes imported from Holland.
Potato ring rot has been found on another British farm.
WELSH growers have pledged to contain and eradicate the UK's first outbreak of the highly contagious disease potato ring rot.
INVESTIGATIONS are continuing into the discovery of potato ring rot in Sante potatoes on July 30 - only the second time the virulent disease has been found in the UK.
MONITORING of potatoes imported from Germany is to be stepped up because of fears of potato ring rot spreading to the UK, it was announced yesterday.
POTATO ring rot has been found in potatoes of the variety Sante.
Some MPs took the chance to raise urgent constituency issues, including Brecon and Radnorshire MP Roger Williams, who highlighted the plight of the farmer John Morgan whose livelihood is in 'jeopardy' after the potato ring rot scare.
Britain's first outbreak of potato ring rot has been contained on the Welsh farm where it was first discovered.
For it isn't just animal diseases that threaten our farming industry - diseases like the recent potato ring rot outbreak and ramorum dieback in trees show that the battle is far from over, and we must all remain vigilant if we are to avoid a repeat of disasters like foot and mouth.