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Synonyms for Lhasa

the sacred city of Lamaism

a breed of terrier having a long heavy coat raised in Tibet as watchdogs


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A procession of gaudy floats celebrating the achievements of the Communist Party and others that showed famous Tibet landmarks such as the Potala Palace paraded down the street after the speeches.
The Potala palace was once the chief residence of which "Ocean Teacher"?
LHASA TO GYANTSE: The famous Potala Palace is the magnet that catches our collective imagination.
In which country is the Potala Palace, a seat of religious learning and at one time the seat of government?
Welcoming travellers from afar, Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa is a luxurious home base for those wishing to explore dramatic scenery and some of the world's most culturally significant Buddhist sites, including World Heritage Sites such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery and Norbulingka Palace.
Tambien resultan muy atractivos el Valle Jiuzhalgou, el Mausoleo de Qi Shi Huang, el rio Yang Tse y el Palacio Potala en Tibet.
They have earned Ironbridge Gorge the title of the finest World Heritage site to visit in the UK and the second best in the world - top spot goes to the Potala Palace, in Lhasa, China.
Regis is the best hotel in Tibet, and apart from the incredible views of Potala Palace from the lobby and many rooms, is designed with maximizing the guest experience in Tibet.
Tibetans in Tibet are so courageous, they are not forgetting their beliefs and identity despite Chinese repression so that's our inspiration and sooner or later we will celebrate the day in Lhasa in front of the Potala," he added.
Players could reach both cultural and economic insights though the games, such as purchasing tickets of Tibet Potala Palace, ordering hotels with a relatively less expensive price.
Note that, after comparison with the Sanskrit manuscript discovered in the Potala Palace in 1999, the vast majority of Lamotte's reconstructions are inaccurate.
com showed the world-famous Potala Palace, a sprawling Buddhist complex and UNESCO World Heritage site that previously served as the winter palace of the Dalai Lama, nearly invisible from a few kilometres away.
Even then, it could be the source for the Rgyal rigs, because the text is a supplementary note or a petition forwarded to the Potala Palace and much details information on Btsan pa'i sgron me than Rgyal rigs.
Mergentu, among those recruited, said he was then unwilling to come but he knew there was a little Potala Palace of Tibet (Temple of the Potaraka Doctrine) somewhere inland.
The petitioners reminded the authorities that China had recognised "the essential underlying international nature of the matter in its support for UNESCO's work in designating the Potala Palace (including the Jokhang and Norbulingka areas) a world heritage site.