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color) Ralph, a pot-bellied pig, and his rooster friend are living the high life at the animal farm behind John Wooden High School in Reseda.
On Monday, Wilma, a Vietnamese miniature pot-bellied pig, became the proud mother of eight piglets - six females and two males - which are now set to become the star attraction at the park.
SPRINGFIELD - While she didn't exactly squeal with delight, Springfield resident Sarah Wood-Snapp was plenty pleased Monday night when the City Council approved an ordinance allowing her and other city residents to snuggle up to their favorite pot-bellied pig.
TWISTED fire-raisers killed a pot-bellied pig when they locked it in a shed and torched it.
Sue and Doris are hoping to find a similar, dog-sized contraption for their 10-year-old Jack Russell Katy, who already uses a stairlift, while Grenville and Barbara are desperately searching for a cure for their terminally-ill pot-bellied pig Brillo.
2006: George Clooney's beloved Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, Max, died on this day.
This is a picture of Ellie, a pot-bellied pig, taken last summer snoozing the afternoon away in sunny Dorset, by Chris Hinds, of Stratford Street, Stoke, Coventry.
WILMA, a pot-bellied pig that found love after her keeper gave her a luxury makeover, is to appear on Sharon Osbourne's chat show.
Him and Parky'll probably hit it off straight away and there's bound to be chat about his new films - Solaris and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and much-discussed love life, which currently seems to involve a rather unusual relationship with a pot-bellied pig.
Each one of the animals is her "baby", from the pot-bellied pig which comes to her house and knocks on her door looking for dried fruit to the 20-year-old cow which was handed over to her by the local Tibetan centre because they do not believe in the slaughter of animals.
A POT-bellied pig was killed in an arson attack on an allotment at the weekend.
Miniature pot-bellied pig Vincent snuggles up with toys at DSPCA; Budgies are also awaiting adoption; Robin the pony needs your help; Shelter cares for all sorts of animals; More horses are being given to animal shelters; DSPCA's Lori Davis holds kittens up for adoption; Lori keeps an eye on miniature pot-bellied pig Vincent; Colleen Kerr relaxes with Zulu at Rathfarnham; Cupid and Tina Turner kid around with each other; Lori relaxes with greyhound Beauty; Clover the rabbit needs a home; Meal time for ferrets Cloud & Rikku in Tipperary; Misty at her stable in Tipperary; Lukcy swine.
Which Hollywood star is mourning the death of his beloved pot-bellied pig Max?