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Bosley, a pot-bellied pig rescued by the Tri County Humane Society of Boca Raton, Florida, will travel from Florida to New York on 1 September 2011.
Ralph, a pot-bellied pig, and his buddies at the animal farm behind John R.
The story of Lulu, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who found help when her owner suffered a heart attack.
Travelling with her husband Jack and pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pig Lulu to their holiday home for the weekend, Jo Ann awoke one morning and realised she was having a heart attack.
Enjoying regular strolls around Churchtown, Southport, 10-month-old Dolly is no ordinary pet - he is a pot-bellied pig.
A POT-bellied pig which was spurned by every mate introduced to her finally found love after her keeper gave her a makeover.
Schoolchildren are introduced to a miniature horse, bunnies, homing pigeon chicks, exotic chicks, ducklings, a 9-week-old baby goat, and a pot-bellied pig, all presented in an inviting, natural setting.
The sad story of the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig -- in hot demand one minute, unloved the next -- illustrates the folly of expecting animal oddballs to turn into cash cows.
But you can't really compare a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig to an emu, counters Parker, because the pig doesn't produce any agricultural products.
A POT-BELLIED pig has saved his owners' bacon by scaring off burglars with his rottweiler-like growls.
The ship had been heading to a nearby port to load cargo when its engine failed and the rough waves carried it into the jetty SCOTLAND Curator James McNaught with a bronze sculpture by artist John Duncan Fergusson titled Eastre, Hymn to the Sun valued at PS12,000 to PS18,000 at Lyon & Turnbull auctioneers, Glasgow USA Molly and Butch Kirkman with pot-bellied pig Buttercup in Pensacola, Florida.
15 HERO ANIMALS A pot-bellied pig who sought help when her owner fell ill.
SPRINGFIELD - While she didn't exactly squeal with delight, Springfield resident Sarah Wood-Snapp was plenty pleased Monday night when the City Council approved an ordinance allowing her and other city residents to snuggle up to their favorite pot-bellied pig.