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whatever happens to be available especially when offered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests and shared by all

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POT LUCK Winner John Astley receives the Theakston Brewery Championship trophy from the brewery's Simon Theakston
Pot Luck in the Muck consists of storytelling, drama, songs and tall tales that celebrate the history and cultural diversity of The Glades through the eyes of its residents.
They are post-institutional, meaning they don't mind working out the details of the pot luck suppers, but they won't be interested in sitting on the building committee.
Every fourth meeting is held at a local restaurant, "and nobody has to worry about cleaning up or pot luck," she says.
A pot luck offers more variety but can also produce a bizarre clash of tastes and quality; it maximizes the probability that consumers will find something they like, but often at the price of an acute case of indigestion.
But he is also recognisable as the top chef who co-presented the RTE series Pot Luck.
Not wanting to accept pot luck for his selection, Kyle decided to do a bit of his own cat urine odor research to help determine the best product choice.
North Hollywood residents attended a pot luck dinner while LAPD's Foothill Division held numerous block parties.
STUNNING Pot Luck TV presenter Alison Comyn has made an astonishing confession: "I'm abysmal in the kitchen.