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a man who delivers the mail

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The Department enjoys credibility and respect through the field operatives that is the postmen.
He says that the postmen get as much as PS1,000 a week for their part in the fraud.
The postal department has not approved the petrol bills of postmen and delivery agents since the last one year and this way they stand deprived of petrol allowance.
Royal Mail statistics revealed 95 postmen and women were bitten by dogs in the West Midlands in the 12 months to April this year.
Based on an information that in Chennai, Postmen are collecting Rs.
There were 298 dog attacks on postmen and women in Wales in 2009 out of a total of 5,091 nationally across the whole of the UK.
AROUND 100 Limassol postmen went on a 24-hour strike yesterday in protest over what they said were unacceptable working conditions and the state's failure to meet their demands despite assurances.
THREE Royal Mail postmen are each due a special delivery for first class service to their communities.
I AM one of the overpaid and underworked postmen criticised by Jennie Flynn in the Sunday Mercury.
Royal Mail Group Wales spokesman, Stuart Taylor said: "We have many examples of postmen and postwomen who are charity fundraisers in their spare time, or who have performed a public-spirited act or dealt with an emergency while doing their deliveries.
Many postmen and women have walked miles into work today, shared lifts and helped each other to make it in.
A PACK of wild dogs led by a vicious Alsatian named Hitler became such a threat to postmen that deliveries had to be suspended for seven months.
UP until last week I had sympathy with the postmen and considered that they were given a raw deal when the Post Office changed their working hours and delivery times.
And that's exactly what postmen did back then - walk.
And just as I was pondering on his rantings, I turned on the radio to hear that postmen in London have suspended all deliveries to a quiet mews because of the danger from - wait for it - a savage seagull.
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