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an artist of the Postimpressionist school who revolted against Impressionism

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The book was published as part of a centenary for a confluence of radical events that hit Merseyside in 1911: a general strike, the opening of the beautiful landmark Royal Liver Building, and a controversial postimpressionist show at the Bluecoat Gallery.
NAGOYA - The Aichi prefectural government is planning to buy two paintings by French postimpressionist artist Paul Gauguin done on two sides of a single canvas for 298 million yen to put on display at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in Nagoya from late September.
The first travelling exhibition of this world-class collection, focussing on impressionist, postimpressionist and early modern paintings, sought funds that were much needed for renovations.
The avant-garde artists had moved from the impressionist representation ofthe nuances of nature and light to the Postimpressionist emphasis on the representation of emotions and things spiritual.
Auctioneers believe it may be a previously unknown early work by French postimpressionist painter Paul Cezanne.
The silhouetted shadows and spiky plants employed in the original production of The Emperor Jones echo the postimpressionist, dreamlike jungle landscapes of the French painter Douanier Rousseau, (20) but they also have strong resemblances to the geometric, shadow-filled silhouettes in the famous murals and prints of Aaron Douglas, who would become the representative artist of the Harlem Renaissance.
The app, available at the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace, is designed to showcase AIC's permanent collection of French impressionist and postimpressionist paintings with accompanying audio and visual learning tools.
This is the second time this painting by the Dutch-born postimpressionist has been stolen from the Khalil Museum, located along the Nile in the middle and upper-middle class district of Dokki.
No further details were immediately available on how the artwork by the Dutch-born postimpressionist was stolen or recovered.
This is the second time the painting by the Dutch-born postimpressionist has been stolen from the Cairo museum.
He covers frames in the West from Italian paintings of the 13th century to French Postimpressionist works of the late 19th century, focusing on examples in the Museum.
When Panthea Reid observes that Faulkner's "novels are spatial not linear constructions," she has in mind the direct influence of cubist and postimpressionist aesthetics on Faulkner's literary work ("Cubist Novel" 36).
Stylized features were adapted and combined with postimpressionist elements from Cezanne and Gauguin to define the flat fragments of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and other pioneers of modernism.
99), which not only allows us to sit, enthralled, for two-plus months, from October to December 1888, as the two artists smoke and paint side by side, but rambles knowledgeably through their lives before and after this Postimpressionist masterpiece spree.
Photographer Edward Steichen, postimpressionist Childe Hassam, illustrators Howard Chandler Christy, who created the whimsical murals at Cafe des Artistes, and J.