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a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord

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Mapping of segmented structures: Once the image registration process was completed, nine already segmented mid-brain structures of reference image ie left ventricle, right ventricle, 3rd ventricle, left putamen, right putamen, left caudate nucleus, right caudate nucleus, anterior commissure and posterior commissure were mapped (Ali and Khan, 2011) from the reference image to target images by applying the final transformation achieved, as a result of registration process.
An anal fissure is a linear ulcer in the lower half of the anal canal, usually located in the posterior commissure in the midline.
The supraglottic index (SGI) uses a scale to score for the presence of edema and erythema /hyperemia in the epiglottis, false vocal cords, and arytenoid cartilage, as well as secretions or mucosal thickening of the piriform recess and posterior commissure.
The vocal cords represent the most frequent site, followed by the ventricular strip, epiglottis, sub-glottic region and posterior commissure.
Posterior commissure stenosis post long-term intubation.
1] Spiller and his pupil Bender[1] deduced that vertical gaze palsies were caused by lesions in the area of the posterior commissure and aqueduct of Sylvius.
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