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a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail

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Areas missed off the list of qualifying postcodes were NE22, NE24, NE61, NE62, NE63 and NE64.
The top 15 postcodes in the research by hybrid estate agent eMoov.
The new maps feature updated coverage of the hundreds of regions such as municipalities and postcodes that have changed since the last update.
On Monday residents of Sandmoor Drive in Lindley scooped PS1,000 each on the People's Postcode Lottery.
WITH AMAZING CASH PRIZES EVERY DAY, PEOPLE'S POSTCODE LOTTERY COULD BE RIGHT UP YOUR STREET IF you play People's Postcode Lottery, you could win your share of a whopping PS3 million a month.
We are kicking this weekend off with all postcodes starting in NE, TS, DL, SR and DH
FIVE neighbours from a Valleys village have had an extra reason to enjoy their bank holiday - because they won at least PS1,000 thanks to their lucky postcode.
Up to 10 Welsh postcodes, mainly in mid, west and south west Wales, have had no recorded claims for burglaries in the last five years.
The postcodes with the biggest homes - based on the number of rooms - are to be found in the Olton and Solihull area.
Royal Mail spokesman Steve Rooney said postcodes played an integral role in today's "technology-led" world.
CAS spokesman Rob Gowans said: "We certainly agree that people in Caithness should have a postcode that reects the fact they are on the mainland but our research shows all postcodes north of the central belt pay a postcode penalty and are hugely discriminated against by delivery companies.
8 million postcodes in the UK, covering over 29 million addresses.
You simply enter the postcodes of the waypoints, and variables such as peak traffic times.
You have a chance of winning something, even if it is not big, each Sunday, when 1,000 postcodes are drawn, with every ticket winning pounds 2.
The Olympic Stadium will get its own postcode of E20 2ST and more than 100 postcodes will be assigned to developments throughout the Park.