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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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ECB's Chief ICT Officer and also the head of the postal ballot unit, Namgay Tshering, said that learning through the experience from the past elections, the postal ballot was lengthy process whereby the rate of rejection of postal ballot was very high.
Persons who are detained in prison or held in custody are also entitled to vote by postal ballot.
Hegde as the scrutiniser for conducting the postal ballot.
On this day, emergency proxy vote applications and issue of replacement spoilt or lost postal ballot papers will also take place.
Keeping this limitation in mind, the ECI has entrusted Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a government undertaking working under the aegis of MeitY, Government of India to undertake development of one-way postal ballot delivery through electronic medium system.
The council has revealed it mailed out postal ballot packs to 630 overseas electors and received 592 (93%) completed postal votes back.
This facility, under the law, has been extended only to the persons in Government service, members of Armed Forces, holders of public offices, their wives and such of their children as are registered voters and ordinarily reside with them provided they are stationed at a place other than the place in which their constituency is situated, Persons detained in prison or held in other custody are also entitled to vote by postal ballot, said spokesman of the Commission.
Colette Longbottom, referendum counting officer at Durham County Council, said the authority realised the postal ballots had not reached people by deadline day on June 6 after receiving a number of phone calls from concerned voters.
The marking of postal ballot papers in relation to the Presidential election to be conducted on January 8, 2015 was scheduled to be carried out on December 23 and 24.
EC tells SC it has no objection to proxy or e- postal ballot
19 ( ANI ): Police personnel and home guards queued up at a special camp in Gujarat on Saturday to cast their vote through postal ballot prior to the actual polling day.
There is a clear distinction to be made between individuals who have been 'persuaded' to vote for a particular candidate and forging a signature on a postal ballot paper.
Secondly, in those areas were significant voting fraud has been established, an explanatory letter should be issued before the next local/European/ national elections putting the electorate on notice that voter fraud is at an unacceptable high level in their area and that consequently any repetition of this voter malpractice will result in the postal ballot system being temporarily withdrawn (only in their area) unless an individual can provide medical evidence of their inability to attend a polling station.
AS postal ballot papers for the Welsh general election arrive at our homes, it is dismaying to see that postal voters have even less information about regional list candidates than those people voting in person.
08% - around 12% down on 2003 when the election was a full postal ballot.