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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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PESHAWAR -- Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Thursday said that postal ballots for the NA-19 Haripur by-elections would be submitted till the last date of August 1 adding that election will be held on August 16.
We will be contacting them immediately to issue them with a new postal ballot.
Production of postal ballot papers circa 370 000 pieces.
NON- RESIDENT Indians ( NRIs) could get the right to vote as the Election Commission ( EC) has informed the Supreme Court ( SC) that it has no objection to the option of voting through proxy or an e- postal ballot system being extended to members of the community.
All police personnel and home guards of Jamnagar district will exercise their franchise and cast their vote through postal ballot," said Upadhyay.
Secondly, in those areas were significant voting fraud has been established, an explanatory letter should be issued before the next local/European/national elections putting the electorate on notice that voter fraud is at an unacceptable high level in their area and that consequently any repetition of this voter malpractice will result in the postal ballot system being temporarily withdrawn (only in their area) unless an individual can provide medical evidence of their inability to attend a polling station.
Application forms for postal ballot can be obtained from the respective Returning Officers.
There is enough time in the day to get to the booths without all and sundry applying for a postal ballot paper.
AS postal ballot papers for the Welsh general election arrive at our homes, it is dismaying to see that postal voters have even less information about regional list candidates than those people voting in person.
NUNEATON Borough football fans are being given extra time to choose by postal ballot the "super fan" they want to represent them at the club.
08% - around 12% down on 2003 when the election was a full postal ballot.
It doesn't take much to get Radio 4's John Humphrys riled but on Friday's Today he was incandescent over the fact that a postal ballot mix-up had robbed him of his right to vote.
All NRMA members will have the option of voting via the Internet in a highly secure environment or voting the traditional way with a postal ballot paper.
The council blames the printers for not delivering postal ballot packs on schedule and is offering complicated "proxy" votes.
Under the e-postal ballot system, blank postal ballots will be transferred by email to NRIs and returned by post.