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a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail

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The first phase of the postal code project, which is implemented by SUPC in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Survey and the Emirates Post Group, will cover Al Majaz 2 and Al Rahmaniyah 5.
Equipped with the latest technologies, the postal code system will offer easy and fast postal services to individuals and the business community, which will contribute to strengthening the position of Sharjah as an urban and investment-friendly environment.
Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF), Reference Guide.
But if one uses full state names instead of postal codes, there are few adjacent states with no letters in common: Ohio-Kentucky, Tennessee-Alabama, Wyoming-Utah.
Moreover the Center for Spatial Research is also able to offer a number of variables (depending on the region) based on postal codes including population counts, factors of wealth, number of retail outlets, provision of retail space and more.
Analysts use the demographic characteristics of the majority, census data or the postal code in which a household is found and estimate its demographical characteristics (Miller, 2007).
Finally, whether the 6-digit postal code is maintained or not may not be critical, as long as other valid options exist.
If a customer doesn't know the correct postal code, provides a wrong code, or forgets to include it on the airbill, the system automatically reverts to routing by city.
Tan Swee Guan, SingPost's senior director, eBusiness and Engineering, the previous self-service option was a touch-tone system that was difficult and cumbersome to use due to the many different streets and options that needed to be keyed into the telephone key-pad to get a postal code.
Centrus(tm) GeoStan is an embeddable address hygiene and geocoding technology from QMSoft that performs the fastest, most accurate address correction, postal code and geocode processing available today.
Updated postal codes for Canadian provinces and territories - includes 6,768 new postal codes associated with 669 unique community names.
Includes information about new postal codes, new country and city names, and code and address layouts.
Have immediate access to information on new postal codes, revisions to existing codes, changes in country and city names plus practical tips for standardizing international addresses, abbreviations, sample addresses, sources of information and more
The Guide to Worldwide Postal Codes and Address Formats provides not only the "official" information from the postal authorities but also what mailers are seeing and experiencing day-to-day.