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genre of art and literature and especially architecture in reaction against principles and practices of established modernism

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But the building's full-blown expression of Post Modernism was widely copied, and SONY is the first Japanese company to have a New York building named for it.
Post modernism and movie references abound, Kylie Minogue makes a brief cameo and 80s Bratpacker Molly Ringwald makes a comeback as the original star persuaded to finish where she left off.
In addition, his use of terms like post and late modernity and post modernism is variable and confusing.
Most might plump for the 1980s when Post Modernism, Prince Charles and planners, who equated pediments and pilasters with populism, inspired the most hideous buildings in history.
But it was a welcome and cogently articulated broadside--against Modernism (the aridity of abstraction), Post Modernism (the good society replaced by the good life) and the current preoccupation with spectacle and meaningless computer generated form-making.