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feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

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Great teachers hone their craft in classrooms, in front of and among students, where a positive feedback loop provides cues about how effective and engaging a lesson is.
As trapped methane is released, a positive feedback loop occurs--one change sparks another that reinforces the initial action.
He stressed the importance of the simultaneous development of education, services and research, noting that the three aspects are inter-related and that they enter "into a positive feedback loop with maximum benefits for the people".
One positive feedback loop brought mesenchymal stem cells close in to the cancer cells.
This Article explains these inefficiencies by describing a complex positive feedback loop inherent in domestic counterterrorism law enforcement.
The two mutations set off a positive feedback loop in specific tissues that amplified life span.
US lead scientist Dr Pankaj Kapahi, from the Buck Institute of Age Research, said that the two mutations set off a positive feedback loop in specific tissues that amplified lifespan, asserting that the worms lived to the human equivalent of 400-500 years.
Market sentiment is then reflected in the trend of higher prices which in turn encourages more traders to get involved which strengthens market sentiment - a positive feedback loop.
Social connectedness therefore generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional, and physical well-being.
This results in even lower costs and better service, creating a positive feedback loop.
Close cooperation in professional services and product development creates a positive feedback loop that will be beneficial to the close alignment of both companies' offerings with rapidly changing mobile market demands.
There is an excellent example of a positive feedback loop using a dying forest that contributes to a warming climate because the trees no longer capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
The more people are working, the more they can purchase goods and services (and pay mortgages), creating a positive feedback loop and faster, sustained growth," says Dave Regan, CEO of Semper.
2] is involved in a positive feedback loop with tropospheric water vapor.
Further spikes in global risk aversion also could precipitate capital outflows from the region and could weaken equity valuations, undermining the positive feedback loop between favourable financial conditions and domestic demand," it said.
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