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the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

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We find loss aversion at work in policymaking as well: negative externalities, we suggest, are often viewed as a call to action, while positive externalities are viewed merely as an occasion for celebration.
At grassroots level, I see our citizens and economic players want to know if the projects they have succeeded in growing over the years--with many positive externalities in their localities--are suddenly going to be brought to a halt by this.
Government policymakers should weigh the negative externalities, such as those caused by traffic congestion, against the positive externalities, such as those associated with enhanced urban access.
In fact, besides reducing terrorism, I can see more value in the countless other positive externalities.
This new form of public intervention has gained ground mostly because of strict financial constraints faced by some telecom operators and local authorities' awareness of positive externalities such as the reduction of the digital divide and the potential for economic development.
Yet many cross-cutting subjects - power transmission and distribution, gas transmission and distribution, airlines, railways, shipping, ports and highways - remain firmly in government hands with the result that even those positive externalities that we should have experienced from previously created space have not given us the kind of benefits everyone expected.
It limits the positive externalities and productivity effects expected in particular from MNEs investment decision, it said.
However, there is little acknowledgement that, for some people (and the state) there may be some more positive externalities of crime.
Thus, the negative externalities of borrowing can be replaced in argumentation by "the other side of the coin"--namely, the positive externalities of holding cash.
The adoption of binary code as the universal standard--as the alphabet for globalized communications--generates highly positive externalities often referred to in terms of network effects (Liebowitz and Margolis 2002).
Positive externalities refer to benefits produced by a private
To advance this work, we are committed to increasing sustainable agricultural production and productivity, considering the diversity of environmental conditions world-wide and positive externalities of agriculture, further facilitating trade and developing food markets, enhancing food safety, improving access to food for vulnerable groups and improving farmer's welfare.
for using sticks to produce positive externalities, although it is not
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