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Other estuaries in which the two Portunidae are abundant in summer months but uncommon in winter are Barnegat Bay, NJ (Milstein et al.
Crabs of the Portunidae family from the Gulf of California comprise this principle.
Digestive enzyme spectra in crustacean decapods (Palaeomonidae, Portunidae and Penaeidae) feeding in the natural habitat.
Grass shrimp 344 2,561 Penaeidae Farfantepenaeus Brown shrimp 41 55 aztecus Litopenaeus White shrimp 170 14 setiferus Portunidae Callinectes Atlantic blue 60 98 sapidus crab Callinectes Lesser blue 7 7 similis crab Squillidae Squilla sp.
The diet of lancetfish consists of pelagic crustaceans (Hyperiidae, Portunidae, Amphipoda), cephalopods of the families Onychoteuthidae, some Ommastrephidae (Ornithoteuthis volatilis), Cirroteuthidae, Octopodidae, Argonautidae, Cranchiidae, Histioteuthidae, Bathyteuthidae, and mesopelagic fishes (Sternoptyx diaphana, Paralepis elongata, Omosudis lowei, A.
Swimming crabs of the family Portunidae are common in coastal habitats in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions.
Among brachyuran crabs, mating may be restricted to a certain molt stage or life stage, as for some species in the families Portunidae and Cancridae (Brockerhoff & McLay 2005a, Wolcott et al.