Portuguese escudo

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formerly the basic monetary unit of Portugal

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I CAN'T say I have a lot of sympathy for Denis O'Brien, with his millions of pounds, share options and Portuguese Escudos, enjoying life on his tax exile Iberian estate.
He said she had only Portuguese escudos after arriving back from holiday with her husband on Sunday night.
In December last year the company issued 319,146 new shares, representing 6% of the company which is capitalized at 266bn Portuguese escudos ($1.
Although euro notes and coins won't be issued to replace Irish pounds, Portuguese escudos, Austrian schillings and the rest until 2002, the new currency will immediately come into use for noncash transactions ranging from government bond issues to credit card and check purchases.
The US dollar strengthened 12% in 2000 towards the Norwegian krone (NOK) and 15% against the Portuguese escudos (PTE).
Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, German marks, Finnish markka, French francs, Greek drachma, Irish punts, Italian lire, Luxembourg francs, Netherlands guilders, Portuguese escudos, Spanish pesetas.
He said more than "6 tons" of coins and "hundreds of kilograms" of bills, all denominated in Portuguese escudos, have been brought into the territory with permission from the United Nations, which is administering the territory until it becomes independent in two to three years.
The US dollar has strengthened significantly in 1999 towards the Norwegian krone (NOK) and Portuguese escudos (PTE).
She said she couldn't buy a ticket from one of the machines because she didn't have any cash - she only had Portuguese escudos after arriving back from holiday on Sunday night.
AND SUBSIDIARIES (amounts stated in millions of Portuguese Escudos - PTE - and millions of euros- euro, excluding (a)) 1999 1998 % Chg Euro PTE PTE Consolidated Operating Revenues 3,218 645,243 587,839 9.
They haven't much use in the Potteries for the Dutch guilders, French francs and Portuguese escudos Arsenal have lavished on a team their own fans boo.
If you're buying Portuguese escudos, you'll land an extra 44,000 - worth pounds 153.
PORTUGAL TELECOM AND SUBSIDIARIES (amounts stated in millions of Portuguese Escudos - PTE - and millions of Euros- Euro, excluding (a)) Nine month period ended Sept.
Consolidated Statements of Income 1st Six Months of 1996 and 1997 (Amounts stated in thousands of Portuguese Escudos -- PTE) lst six months ended June 30 1997 1996 Revenues 283,149,877 271,482,982
CONSOLIDATED OPERATING REVENUES BY BUSINESS AREA (amounts stated in millions of Portuguese Escudos - PTE - and millions of euros- Euro) 1H99 1H98 Euro PTE PTE % change Wireline Businesses -Portugal 1,083.