Portuguese escudo

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formerly the basic monetary unit of Portugal

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The Spanish peseta and the Portuguese escudo were each devalued within the ERM 6 percent on November 22, and Irish punt was devalued 10 percent on January 30.
Regarding plans by East Timor's leaders to adopt the Portuguese escudo as the territory's provisional currency, Gama said it is a matter to be settled by the U.
Against the Greek drachma, the pound is nearly 13 per cent stronger, while the pound is more than 9 per cent stronger against the Portuguese escudo.
The aim is to ensure that the present arrangement, under which the convertibility of the Cape Verde Escudo into the Portuguese Escudo at a fixed parity is ensured by aid of a limited credit facility provided by the Portuguese Government, should not be materially affected by the transition to the Euro.
Consolidated pretax operating income improved to Portuguese escudo (Esc) 12.
It should be noted that all items in the consolidated income statement expressed in US dollars show the effects of the valuation of the US currency against the Portuguese Escudo of 3.
s Portuguese Escudo (PTE) 25 billion multi-currency commercial paper program.
The Portuguese government has consistently supported Metro, providing operating subsidies to cover below-cost tariffs, periodically assuming portions of the company's debt, and injecting equity -- Portuguese escudo (Esc) 55 billion (about $348.
I have several thousand old Portuguese escudos in my bedside drawer.
Celtic fans said the printed price of 130 Portuguese escudos converted to less than 33 shillings but the SFA told them the extra sum was to cover administration costs
The national currency of the 12 countries which have joined the Euro and become worthless on January 1 are Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, Dutch guilders, Finnish marks, French francs, German deutschmarks, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Italian lira, Luxembourg francs, Portuguese escudos and Spanish pesetas.
I CAN'T say I have a lot of sympathy for Denis O'Brien, with his millions of pounds, share options and Portuguese Escudos, enjoying life on his tax exile Iberian estate.
He said she had only Portuguese escudos after arriving back from holiday with her husband on Sunday night.
In December last year the company issued 319,146 new shares, representing 6% of the company which is capitalized at 266bn Portuguese escudos ($1.