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Portugal has two small companies in Lisbon and Oporto.
Solomon Pell, and the boy, and the blue bag to boot, all got so stout that scarcely anybody would have known them for the same man, boy, and bag, that had loitered about Portugal Street, a few days before.
Perhaps the most world-amazing achievement of his was the assassination of the King and Queen of Portugal.
I wrote the English captain's widow a full account of all my adventures - my slavery, escape, and how I had met with the Portuguese captain at sea, the humanity of his behaviour, and what condition I was now in, with all other necessary directions for my supply; and when this honest captain came to Lisbon, he found means, by some of the English merchants there, to send over, not the order only, but a full account of my story to a merchant in London, who represented it effectually to her; whereupon she not only delivered the money, but out of her own pocket sent the Portugal captain a very handsome present for his humanity and charity to me.
They listened always very attentively to my discourses on these heads, but especially to that part which related to the buying of negroes, which was a trade at that time, not only not far entered into, but, as far as it was, had been carried on by assientos, or permission of the kings of Spain and Portugal, and engrossed in the public stock: so that few negroes were bought, and these excessively dear.
Place of execution - Country, District, Municipality: Portugal, Castelo branco, Covilh portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon portugal, Porto, Porto portugal, Porto, Lousada portugal, Braga, Barcelos portugal, Porto, Santo tirso portugal, Porto, Marco de canaveses portugal, Guarda, Pinhel
ISLAMABAD -- Portugal's Ambassador to Pakistan Joao Paulo Marques Sabido Costa said on Thursday that Portugal wants to enhance bilateral trade with Pakistan in view of the high potential between the two countries.
Celebration of national day of Portugal in Pakistan is an opportunity to show to Portuguese society and Authorities our friendship towards Portugal and how much Pakistan appreciates this country.
More information about Portugal is available on the Portugal Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.
The 2-1 loss Wednesday to Portugal in front of 52,000 at Arena AufSchalke exposed several failings, not the least Mexico's struggles up front with Jared Borgetti on the sidelines, but it proved virtually meaningless.
Pestana's new motto for Brazil is "10 hotels in 10 years" an echo of its mission for Portugal, which goes "30 hotels in 30 years.
PORTUGAL thrilled plenty of supporters with their attractive football at Euro 2004, but it all ended in tears when Greece stunned the hosts in the final.
Poised on the western periphery of Europe, Portugal has always been on the edge, looking outwards.
When Charles V married Isabel, princess of Portugal, in 1526, he supposed that the double marriage (his youngest sister Catherine married Isabel's brother, King John III, in 1525) had bound Portugal to Habsburg interests.
Ireland; Estonia 1-3 Portugal; Andorra 1-2 Estonia; Cyprus 0-4 Holland; Portugal 1-1 Rep.