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the capital of Benin in southwestern part of country on a coastal lagoon

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The Porto Novo vertebra is amphicoelous, differing from the condition observed in anterior caudals of Lourinhasaurus that have a flat posterior face with a central smooth concavity (Mocho et al.
Toutefois, le roi s'est adresse directement au President pour la refection de la route entre Porto Novo et Ketou.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting with Benin's President Thomas Yayi Boni in Porto Novo underlined Tehran's resolve to further improve economic relations with the African continent.
ABUJA: Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, chairman of regional bloc ECOWAS, will attend neighbouring Benin's 50th independence anniversary on Sunday in Porto Novo, an official statement said.
Pastor Ka Mana was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, studied and taught in Europe, and is today professor of ethics and philosophy at the Protestant Institute of Theology in Porto Novo, Benin, where he is also director of CEROS, the Center for Ecumenical and Social Studies and Research.
With say a week to spend in Benin, I can recommend visiting Porto Novo, Ouidah and Abomey.
The Portuguese began trading slaves in 1485 at the coastal villages of Porto Novo and Ouidah.
Principal battles: Plassey (near Kandi, West Bengal) (1757); Wandiwash (1760); Porto Novo, Pollilur, Sholingurh (east central Madras) (1781).
Comme ce fut le cas dimanche dernier a Porto Novo, hier, les Verts ont parfaitement maEtrise leur sujet dominant la majeure partie des debats face a une formation rwandaise loin de constituer un foudre de guerre.
Gestede, who scored his first international goal against Algeria on his debut in March, is in their squad for the home return in Porto Novo.
To these spongy plastic dolls, Quenum adds material such as fragments of old weathered wooden piles that once supported houses in the marshy lagoons surrounding Porto Novo, the city in which Quenum was born in Benin.
Tous ces groupes vivent soit a la campagne, soit dans les grandes villes que sont Porto Novo, Cotonou, Abomey et Ouidah.
Avec les titres de Rabab Arafi (1500 m) et Mouhcine Cheaouri (triple saut), l'athletisme marocain a brille, ce week-end, a Porto Novo au Benin lors des Championnats d'Afrique.
The project includes the development of a sustainable urban development plan to be Porto Novo resilient city, adapted to climate change and concerned with the preservation of its environment.
En s'imposant face au Benin (3-1) dimanche a Porto Novo, la selection algerienne aura franchi un grand pas vers la qualification a l'ultime tour qualificatif pour le mondial 2014.