Portland cement

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a cement that hardens under water

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According to Zeobond Business Manager, Peter Duxson, at current small commercial scale Zeobond can make a range of geopolymer products for only 10 per cent more cost than Portland cement, using existing supply chains.
Commercial MTA materials such as ProRoot MTA (Tulsa Dental Products, Tulsa, OK, USA) or MTA Angulus (Industria de Produtos Odontologicos Ltda, Londrina, Brazil) are a mixture of Portland cement (PC), gypsum and bismuth oxide (BO).
The EPA's proposed standards would set emissions limits for total hydrocarbons, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide from Portland cement kilns of all sizes and would reduce hydrochloric acid emissions from large kilns.
Portland cement Type I (OPC) was employed as the cementitious material in the mixture.
The material produces an "environmentally superior and sustainable alternative" to traditional Portland cement concrete, according to U.
Portland cement consists primarily of four minerals: tricalcium silicate, dicalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, and tetracalcium aluminoferrite.
7 million tons of portland cement per year, a capacity increase of about 700,000 tons of cement per year.
The study concludes that 38 states are using RCA as an aggregate base, but just 11 are putting RCA back into Portland cement concrete.
California Portland Cement Company, an ENERGY STAR partner since 1996, was honored for sustaining smart energy management practices and investments throughout its operations.
A representative from the Portland Cement Association (PCA), Skokie, III.
Silver contributors include Clear Channel, California Portland Cement, Gordon Elder CLU, JT3 LLC and Roland Land Investment Co.
Discovered almost two centuries ago, Portland cement continues to be ubiquitous: every year 1.
Composed of recycled paper, water, sand, and Portland cement, papercrete makes a strong, light-weight, and inexpensive building material that could replace concrete block and wood used in traditional construction--or could it?
Most of the images obtained are for hydrating portland cement pastes, with a few data sets representing hydrating Plaster of Paris and a common building brick.
In addition to portland cement of type I as its main product, Indocement also produces portland cement of type II and V, oil well cement, white cement and pozzolan cement.
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