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freshwater port and largest city in Oregon

largest city in Maine in the southwestern corner of the state

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With that conviction in him, he had left Portland Place.
In a few clear sentences he narrated what had happened, that afternoon, in Portland Place.
While the lawyer was on his way to Fulham, Lord Holchester's son was on his way to Portland Place.
Twas at Portland, loadun' cargo un fresh watter an' goin' tull Comox tull load bunker coal un salt watter.
After loadun' ot Portland I hod tull take on suxty tons o' coal tull last me tull Comox.
Likewise, for Mrs Tapkins at Home, Wednesdays, Music, Portland Place.
These instructions were followed by the name and address of Pesca's employer in Portland Place--and there the note, or memorandum, ended.
The next morning I sent my testimonials to the Professor's employer in Portland Place.
I once had it in contemplation to spend a month hereabouts, in sleighing time, for the sake of studying the yeomen of New England, who then elbow each other through the Notch by hundreds, on their way to Portland.
On our way to Portland, we passed a 'Magistrate's office,' which amused me, as looking far more like a dame school than any police establishment: for this awful Institution was nothing but a little lazy, good-for-nothing front parlour, open to the street; wherein two or three figures (I presume the magistrate and his myrmidons) were basking in the sunshine, the very effigies of languor and repose.
1 -- color) Derek Fisher, rear, Robert Horry and their Lakers teammates hope to keep up the pressure and eliminate the Trail Blazers in Portland today.
Salem Communications (NASDAQ:SALM) announced the appointment of Mark Durkin as director of sales for the Portland cluster of stations, which includes KFIS 104.
For all of Pippen's defensive prowess, and all of Ruben Patterson's ramblings about being the ``Kobe Stopper,'' Bryant had a pretty good season against Portland.
The deployment of GateVision greatly enhances gate processing efficiency by enabling T-6 staff to easily collect truck, container, and associated equipment data," said Chris Meyer, manager, Terminal 6, Port of Portland.
Today, CSUN (3-6) likely will play the last football game in the school's history at Portland State.