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sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugal


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A birthmark is almost always harmless and, apart from a port-wine stain, most will disappear by the age of five.
This is a complete game changer for those with Sturge-Weber syndrome and the millions born with port-wine birthmarks," said co-senior study author, Anne Comi, M.
As we pulled away from our berth, we could see the names of the great port-wine houses - Cockburn, Taylor's, Sandeman - adorning the buildings perched above the river.
The holiday provides the ideal base for not only excellent walking but for an insight into the port-wine trade.
She was introduced to alcohol when, as a toddler, her grandmother gave her some of her favourite tipple, port-wine, at Christmas.
One type of birthmark, called a port-wine birthmark (or stain), has a red, blue, or purplish color.
Researchers report success in using a new form of laser treamtnet to clear up port-wine stains in children.
Thanks to many generous donations, the 2005-2006 Sturge-Weber Foundation raised almost $100,000 in research funding which will be applied to research grant awards benefiting the thousands of children born annually with Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) -- a progressive neurological disorder indicated at birth by a port-wine stain birthmark on the forehead and upper eyelid, glaucoma, and seizures, and/or Klippel-Trenaunay -- a birthmark on the limbs causing limb differential and blood flow impairment.
Cocoa Rubbed Lamb Chops with Basil Fig Port-Wine Reduction Wins Top Prize
Histologic responses of port-wine stains treated by argon, carbon dioxide, and tunable dye lasers.
Three in every 1,000 babies are affected by port-wine stains which can cover half the face.
Abigail Hardin, 16, of Clinton, a junior at Jackson Academy in Jackson, wrote a book about her experiences growing up with a port-wine birthmark on her face, and has used it to teach hundreds of elementary school children how to be kind to those who are different.
Another common vascular birthmark that may require treatment is a port-wine stain.
Cynosure develops, manufactures and markets laser technology for aesthetic treatment applications, including hair removal, leg veins, scar revision, port-wine birthmarks, facial spider veins, stretch marks, tattoos, pigmented lesions and advanced skin resurfacing.
Yet as a child, Ros would barely take her eyes from the floor for fear of what onlookers might say about the large port-wine stain covering the left-hand side of her face.