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the capital and largest city of Haiti

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O'Brien is Founder and Patron of the Digicel Foundation, which to date has constructed 150 schools in Haiti, and rebuilt the iconic Iron Market in Port-au-Prince.
In addition to JetBlue's nonstop service to South Florida, Port-au-Prince customers will be able to connect onwards from Fort Lauderdale to other destinations in the United States including Boston, MA; New York, NY (JFK, LaGuardia and Westchester County); Newark, NJ; and Washington, DC (Reagan National).
Asked if he believed there was a lost trove of pirate treasure on the sea floor, he replied: "If it s the Port-au-Prince, it s there.
Unfortunately, the Haitian state is essentially an absent and vacant presence in people's lives right now--which perhaps explains the ease with which a Baby Doc could unexpectedly and suddenly appear unannounced in Port-au-Prince.
The Embassy restricts travel by its staff to some areas outside of Port-au-Prince because of the prevailing road, weather, or security conditions.
Customers holding reservations for travel to or from Port-au-Prince between 9 December 2010 and 10 December 2010 will have the change fee waived and difference in fare paid if they rebook travel plans before the date and time of their original reservation and travel on or before 18 December 2010.
Samples from patients in Port-au-Prince are being tested in a laboratory to confirm the presence of vibrio cholera bacteria, which has already killed at least 583 people in Haiti, said Gabriel Timothee, the health ministry's executive director.
A CHOLERA outbreak that already has left 250 people dead and more than 3,000 sick on the doorstep of an enormous potential breeding ground: the squalid camps in Port-au-Prince where 1.
A SPREADING cholera outbreak in rural Haiti threatened to outpace aid groups as they stepped up efforts to keep the disease from reaching the squalid camps of earthquake survivors in Port-au-Prince.
A US$14 million grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will help Haiti speed up the recovery of electricity services in Port-au-Prince, which were severely damaged by the January 12 earthquake.
Main) Widespread devastation was evident from the air in this image of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
In the first contingency response mission for the JTF-PO Sea Port of Debarkation team, the JTF-PO proved its mettle, opening the port at Port-au-Prince, managing operations above and beyond their mission requirements, and gaining crucial experiences to apply to their next challenge.
This passage describes a scene in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.
Patricia Wolfe, SC, USN, Commander, Combined Task Force (CTF) 48, looks out from an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter assigned to the Sea Knights of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 22 while flying over the Haiti coastline en route to Port-au-Prince from the multi-purpose amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5).
Islamic Relief, based in Digbeth, was the first aid agency to establish a camp for homeless people in the capital Port-au-Prince .