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The remaining funds are being allocated through PPP to grassroots partners in Erromango (see page 11) and Port Vila.
It is Vanuatu's national flag carrier, with its main base at Bauerfield International Airport, Port Vila.
Kava bars have opened in Port Vila and Luganville, where male, urban ni-Vanuatu can enjoy the same experience as their rural kin.
With 24 people so far confirmed dead, the scale of the disaster became clearer with the first team of aid workers reaching Tanna island, home to 30,000 people some 200 kilometers south of the capital Port Vila, itself badly damaged.
We want to avoid creating a bottleneck in Port Vila, so we very quickly need to work out a plan for getting things out," Gudnitz said, referring to the Vanuatu capital.
Pam took everything," said Philemon Mansale, the head of a large family from Mele village outside the capital Port Vila on the main island of Efate.
A witness on the island of 29,000 people, around 200km south of Vanuatu's capital Port Vila, said while damage was extensive it appeared most of the population had survived by sheltering in schools, churches and other sturdy buildings.
James took shelter in a friend's concrete house in the country's capital Port Vila during the fivehour storm, but says many others did not have such a sturdy shelter.
The | Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has lost years of development progress and must "start anew" following a powerful cyclone that destroyed or damaged 90% of the buildings in the capital of Port Vila, the country's president said.
Samuel, only his first name given, kicks a ball through the ruins of their family home as his father, Phillip, at back, picks |through the debris in Port Vila, Vanuatu, in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam yesterday
At least eight people in and around the capital, Port Vila, have been confirmed as having died.
Most buildings in the capital Port Vila, including clinics, have been wrecked and a state of emergency has been declared.
The heavily populated island of Efate, which includes the Vanuatu capital Port Vila, was directly in the path of the deadly cyclone.
NO SAFE HARBOUR Wrecked boats litter quayside in the islands' capital Port Vila
Chloe Morrison, a World Vision emergency communications officer in Port Vila, said officials from Vanuatu's National Disaster Management Office confirmed to her agency that at least eight people in and around the capital, Port Vila, had died during the cyclone.