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genetic parameters for characteristics of pork bellies.
A combination plate featuring brisket, rib eye, pork bellies, onions and mushrooms can be grilled by diners at Shik Do Rak in Northridge.
The Management Committee for Pigmeat on March 15 approved a European Commission proposal to drop export refunds for pig half-carcasses, cuts and pork bellies with effect from March 16.
Just as investors can buy futures contracts on the price of pork bellies, political junkies can risk real money on political outcomes--such as, in the graph below, the 2004 Democratic nomination.
Traders in the Policy Analysis Market would have bought and sold futures contracts, just as traders now deal in contracts in soy beans, pork bellies, barrels of crude oil, or spot silver.
Art has traditionally been hard to buy and sell as an investment because each piece's unique value makes it harder to trade than, say, a commodity like pork bellies.
Bacon manufactured from six-month-old frozen pork bellies had higher levels of oxidation than bacon made from fresh or six-week-old frozen pork bellies.
In launching its high-end data storage system, IBM illustrated how the industry has turned what should be a sophisticated business solution into a classic commodity, focusing on the storage price of pennies per megabyte, as if they were selling pork bellies.
Tim Hannagan, a Chicago-based trader and analyst with Alaron Trading, cautions investors that pork bellies are thinly traded and fluctuate a great deal in price on a weekly and daily basis.