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a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance

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All the time, crowds of people gathered on the porches and pressed their noses against the windows to look and marvel, but the bravest never ventured in.
Yes, and a good part of it is going into a first-class modern house with a heating plant and running hot and cold water in a tiled-floor bath-room, and a concrete cellar for the woman's preserved things and built-in cupboards, lots of closets, a big garret, and hardwood floors and fancy paper on the walls, and the prettiest polished golden oak furniture you can buy in Kansas City, not to mention a big fireplace and wide, sunny porches.
It is a long, low house, running parallel with the road, painted mostly white and pale green, with a veranda and sun-blinds, and porches capped with those quaint sort of cupolas like wooden umbrellas that one sees in some old-fashioned houses.
What would statues of the usual size, or neat porches and wings have been, associated with those gigantic halls before which only Colossi could sit as watchmen or lean on the pillars of the interior?
Some of the many vagrant cats who were always prowling about there by night, and who had taken fright at him, appeared to have stopped when he had stopped, and were looking at him with eyes by no means unlike his own from tops of walls and porches, and other safe points of pause.
Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood to see what front porches look appealing to you.
Porch Appeal - Porches whether they are screened, three-season, or great-American front porches have experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent years.
For a variety of technical and cultural reasons, people spent a great deal of their leisure time on terraces, balconies and porches, which were found throughout American domestic architecture.
A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders, which polled architects, designers, manufacturers and marketers, found that as many as 70% of homes built by 2015 will include porches as standard features.
It's the first book on the market devoted to porches alone and covers an extensive range, from assessing different types of porches for different purposes to design, construction, and maintenance.
Porches do not usually require planning permission except in certain circumstances.
The International Code Council (ICC) has issued a building safety bulletin urging the public to pay close attention to the safety and stability of their porches and balconies.
Porches do not usually require planning permission except in certain circumstances, but you must be sure of where you stand before starting work.
In cities such as Burbank, where residents boast that small-town pride outshines what is considered to be a media town, American flags can be seen waving from poles hung from porches on any given block.
Programmes, it was thought, owed their character partly to the great variety of spaces in which they had been conceived: drawing rooms, sun porches, attics and so on.