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a former political party in the United States

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Underrepresentation itself becomes a myth that creates a fertile ground for the (yet another) myth of the populist party that provides exclusive representation, as if the "real" people have given them an imperative mandate to represent them.
Same is true for the rise of ANO 2011, a populist party in the Czech Republic, whose rise to surface exploited the corruption scandal lingering on ruling government, "we want regions without corruption, that is our main aim," .
They recognise that she leads a populist party with the capacity to win the support of millions of voters; in the wrong hands a party can unlock dangerous sentiments.
When a party of permanent opposition, like the Liberal Democrats, or a populist party like Syriza in Greece suddenly find themselves in government, they face difficult choices.
Macri promises, who is against the leading left populist party, to improve the economy with liberal policies.
Its recently published Report on the state of the armed forces in 2014 [BG], the ministry says it is concerned over "attempts at manipulation of public opinion through disinformation, propaganda campaigns, media manipulation, using social networks for disinformation, attempts of populist party leaders to manipulate groups of voters and to stir confusion among the population, etc.
Populist party with racist overtones A populist party with racist overtones is emerging from the ashes of our broken political system and causing a migraine for its established rivals.
The 'People's Joan of Arc': Mary Elizabeth Lease, Gendered Politics, and Populist Party Politics in Gilded-Age America
Finally, they tried to ally themselves with labor groups and other anti-monopoly organizations to form a national populist party, but in the end, they staked it all on Bryan's ill-fated single-issue campaign of 1896.
He said that the Republican Party was a populist party and need to make that clear.
But his comments Tuesday come just days after he was declared leader of a populist party forged ahead of the December 16 general election with the express aim of challenging the two major forces in Japanese politics.
The work discusses the reasons the Populist Party in Louisiana failed to mobilize the numbers of lower class agricultural voters that were powerful in other states and presents an analysis of political, racial and social conditions that influenced this outcome.
NNA - Having met with Italian Foreign minister, Franco Frattini, and head of the EU Populist Party, Wilfred Martins, Kataeb party boss Amine Gemayel spoke about the wave of change and democracy sweeping the Arab World.
The initiators [the Swiss People's Party, the populist party that provoked the vote on the expulsions - Ed] did not aim to break international agreements.
All established parties have since congratulated Wilders, and much of the criticism voiced against him has died down with the realization that one in six Dutch voters chose his populist party.