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Italian pope from 1623 to 1644 who sanctioned the condemnation of Galileo but later freed him (1568-1644)


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Lambardi urges Cioli to manage the Pope's interpretation of La Giuditta, steering him away from any idea that the opera "was deliberately intended as a commentary on the current political quarrels between Pope Urban VIII and Florence" (p.
Morandi was brought to trial because he was an astrologer who dared to predict the imminent death of Pope Urban VIII, who was himself committed to astrology.
The Renaissance Basilica shows us 400-year-old embroidered vestments of Pope Urban VIII and then to the Sistine Chapel with an explanation of how Michelangelo painted the ceiling, an excerpt showing the finger of God about to give life to Adam.
POPE URBAN VIII (1568--1644) Born Maffeo Barberini, Pope Urban VIII entered the priesthood through a politically powerful family.
Just before publication, a friend of Galileo's, Mafeo Barbarini, became Pope Urban VIII and so The Assayer was hurriedly dedicated to him.
When Galileo published his masterpiece, ``Dialogue,'' arguing that Copernicus was correct when he blasphemously suggested that the Earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa, he was egregiously mistaken in assuming that his friendship with Pope Urban VIII would protect him from the Catholic Church's velvet hammer.
We do that--razor medicine off at the neck--because people such as Rene Descartes and Pope Urban VIII contended that the human soul resides in the mind, and human disease resides in the body.
In Greek and Roman times, metals were used almost only honorifically: as decoration in for instance the metal acroteria of some Hellenistic temples, and in the gilded bronze plates of the Pantheon's roof and portico (the latter only finally wrenched off in the early seventeenth century by the the Barberini pope Urban VIII to make Bernini's baldacehino in St Peter's -- hence the comment Quod non fecerunt barbari, fecerunt Barberini).
Galileo's friend, and an admirer of his work, Maffeo Cardinal Barberini was at the time Pope Urban VIII.
This family, for its part, supported the election of Maffeo Barberini in 1623 as Pope Urban VIII.
In 1627 Meletij Smotryc'kyj wrote a letter from Ukraine, in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania, addressed to Pope Urban VIII in Rome in the flattering language of an accomplished ecclesiastical courtier.
In 1642 Pope Urban VIII reduced the number to 36 (imagine how many there must have been before).
Marcello was a close friend and confidant of Maffeo Barberini, with whom he shared an appetite for literature and art, and so, when Maffeo became Pope Urban VIII in 1623, the Sacchetti family flourished.