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Italian pope from 1623 to 1644 who sanctioned the condemnation of Galileo but later freed him (1568-1644)


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The above-mentioned cycle of Matilda frescoed by Romanelli for the same Pope Urban VIII includes not only triumphal decorative elements similar to those that adorn the tomb but also two small battlefield episodes, the Conquest of the Castel Sant 'Angelo and the Battle of Sorbara.
Drama written for both court and commercial stages is analysed by Bailey as a crucial barometer of Henrietta Maria's performance in the mission urged upon her by Pope Urban VIII to champion Catholicism in her adopted country and work to return England to Rome.
Pope Urban VIII founded the Urban College of Propaganda in 1627 to train missionaries, enlarged the work of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, and sent missionaries, including non-Jesuits for the first time, to the Far East.
As an advisor to the Holy Office, probably acting on instructions from Pope Urban VIII, he undertook a detailed examination of the book that led to the trial, The Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems (1632).
Although many artists continued to paint images of the veil, in 1629 Pope Urban VIII banned all further reproductions from being made.
1622, in the company of the man it depicted, the future Pope Urban VIII allegedly said of his companion, "This is the portrait of Monsignor Montoya," then of the statue, "and this is Monsignor Montoya.
Mary Ward and the English Ladies, on the other hand, fought against enclosure, which contributed to the Institute being disbanded and Ward being branded a heretic in 1631 by Pope Urban VIII.
The leading figures in this story are Maffeo, subsequently elected Pope Urban VIII (r.
Lambardi urges Cioli to manage the Pope's interpretation of La Giuditta, steering him away from any idea that the opera "was deliberately intended as a commentary on the current political quarrels between Pope Urban VIII and Florence" (p.
Galileo Simon Russell Beale Signora Sarti Julia Ford Andrea Sarti (boy) Ryan Watson The Little Monk Zubin Varla Federzoni Dermot Kerrigan Pope Urban VIII Andrew Woodall The Cardinal Inquisitor .
Morandi was brought to trial because he was an astrologer who dared to predict the imminent death of Pope Urban VIII, who was himself committed to astrology.
With the approval of Pope Urban VIII, he was tried, convicted, placed under house arrest, and forced to abjure his Copernican writings.
The Renaissance Basilica shows us 400-year-old embroidered vestments of Pope Urban VIII and then to the Sistine Chapel with an explanation of how Michelangelo painted the ceiling, an excerpt showing the finger of God about to give life to Adam.