Giovanni Angelo Braschi

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Italian pope from 1775 to 1799 who served during the French Revolution

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For Pope Pius VI, however, Joseph II's policy of religious toleration and his plans for church reform, which included placing the Church under state control and suppressing the contemplative orders due to their "uselessness" for the common good, were a serious threat.
Nancy Nowakowski Robinson, Institutional Anti-Judaism: Pope Pius VI and the "Edict Concerning the Jews" in the Context of the Inquisition and the Enlightenment
Giovanni Angelo Braschi, who became Pope Pius VI, was born on Christmas Day in 1717.
Pope Pius VI Braschi (1775-99) was a reformer, yet a great supporter of nepotism.
He will move ahead of Pope Pius VI, who ruled a day less from 1775 to 1799.