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music of general appeal to teenagers

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BLEU - FOUR ADMIRABLY, the release of the fourth album from the pop musician who boasts songwriting credits for the Jonas Brothers and Hanson has been funded mostly by donations from his fan base.
They were discovered last year by an Irish pop musician.
The storyline revolves around two pop musician brothers in Lahore.
WHEN I HEARD that the pop musician Sinead O'Connor had released an album called Theology, it took me right back to my university days, when I used to comb through the lyrics of my rock records, searching for signs that at least a few of these artists--whose music formed the soundtrack for my coming of age--might actually share a belief in the God of my own Christian faith.
pop musician Cindy Lauper's Time After Time, fills the dining room, followed by U.
Pop musician Fumiya Fujii has been injured while swimming in Hawaii during a summer break and will postpone several concerts slated for later this month until sometime in the fall, his agency said Thursday.
New characters include Lora Logic, whose name recalls the pop musician from the 1970s; L'Ermite, Moham, Kader, and Gus, all unemployed and living in the projects; and Le Masque, an ex-CNN reporter whose face was partially blown away on the job.
British pop musician Sting has failed to evict a 'cybersquatter' from using the web address www.
The TV and radio star, who wed pop musician Norman Cook - better known as Fatboy Slim - last August, confirmed that she is due to give birth on Christmas Eve.
TWO men were yesterday remanded in custody over the death of black pop musician Michael Menson.
Lessard replaced former editor Tina Brown, who was dismissed after she inadvertently activated at a corporate board meeting a prototype Tru-Feel-lt (TM) virtual-reality centerfold mannequin system that Brown had programmed to enact one of her own fantasies, which cannot be described here except to say that it involved Prince Charles, Diana and Fergie; the training of Buckingham Palace guards; disciplinary procedures at British girls schools; and an unnamed 13-year-old boy who filed certain legal charges against the former pop musician Michael Jackson (now known as Michelle Tao-Sigma-Rigel) in 1994.
Mattel announces that Hilary Duff -- teen actress and top pop musician -- has teamed up with fellow style setter, Barbie(R) doll, to introduce a new range of Barbie(R) dolls called Fashion Fever(TM), girls apparel, accessories and Barbie(TM) fragrance.
BIRTHDAYS: Sir Tom Stoppard, playwright, 78; Susan Penhaligon, actress, 66; Sir Richard Hadlee, former cricketer, 64; Sian Lloyd, weather presenter, 57; Julie Burchill, writer, 56; Vince Clarke, pop musician, 55; Tom Cruise, actor, 53; Shane Lynch, singer (Boyzone), 39.
BORN MARQUIS de Sade, philosopher, 1740 CHARLIE Watts, rock drummer, 1941, above SERGIO Aguero, footballer, 1988 DIED BO Diddley, US pop musician, 2008 REX Harrison, film actor, 1990, above EUGENE I, Italian pope, AD 657
The former pop musician had previously battled an addiction to painkillers.