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a slot machine for selling goods

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Many schools with exclusivity agreements with soda companies to provide pop machine products in exchange for thousands of dollars used in activities budgets.
I used to crawl through the window of the women s washroom at a packing house at night because I knew how to get bottles of pop out of their pop machine.
A player landing on that space receives 60 cents for a "trip" to the pop machine.
the people who tried to turn is into an alternative pop machine.
People come down here to take wedding pictures all the time and if they want to get something to drink all they have available is a pop machine.
Coca-Cola announced a couple of months ago that it was developing a pop machine that would detect the temperature and then automatically raise prices when it got hot outside, when, presumably, the demand would be higher.
LONDON 80s club Pop Machine I Love You received a charming reply from Prince Edward when it threw an Alternative Stag Night in his honour and invited him along to enjoy his last night of freedom watching strippers.
Recycled cardboard boxes from our school's pop machine proved the perfect container for the work, which produced quite a bit of "sand" shavings.
In addition to preparing Coinstar for the future, the backlit machine, which features a bright translucent panel much like that of a soda pop machine, provides higher visibility in the supermarket.
IT'S nice to know that even the well-oiled pop machine Girls Aloud can have a shocker of a day just like the rest of us.
Revealing Two-Hour Special Features Exclusive New Interviews With Backstreet Boys, *N Sync, David Cassidy, Mandy Moore, Katie Cassidy, The Cowsills, Hanson, Deborah Gibson, Donny Osmond, Tiffany, Peter Tork And Many More VH1'S "Bubblegum Babylon" Bursts The Bubble Of The Billion-Dollar Teen Pop Machine Premiering Sunday, November 24 At 9:00 P.
It's not like the pop machine market where you can just churn them out every other year.
As codified in 1979 by Dick Hebdige in his short book Subculture: The Meaning of Style (and beautifully timed to ride the backwash of punk), Cohen's idea of the Subcultural Imaginary was transformed into a how-to manual for those who wished to export and duplicate the success of Britain's pop machine.
His third album as a one-man, mad pop machine is full to the brim with songs like this - in-yourface explosions of anger and wonder.
Bet you didn't know: Fleming's two cats, Meisha and Rosie, were rescued living behind a pop machine at a Springfield supermarket.