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a school of art that emerged in the United Kingdom in the 1950s and became prevalent in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1960s

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The club mixes elegant chandeliers, white tablecloths and French cuisine with the vibrant pop art of the famous artist.
Pop art and golf may not be the first association that pops into most people's minds, but this has not been the case with Alial Fital's "artisanal designer," Gibran Hamdan who has always felt drawn to that artistic movement of the mid to late 1950s with its bold colors, distinct shapes and playful themes.
Crow is something of an outsider among specialist historians of Pop Art, his early career focus being 18th-century French art.
His colourful work will showcase his famous subjects with a unique pop art twist.
Pop art sheep poster at the Yauatcha teahouse, Soho
Israeli Pop Art will be on at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, till Nov 23
Eye-catching, graphic, often tongue-in-cheek or sassily whimsical, pop art decor plays well off the vintage vibe and yet also makes contemporary furnishings, well, pop.
VICTORIA HERVEY desperately hopes her stylist will come to save the day after her attempt to dress herself leaves her looking more pop tart than pop art.
Having recently looked at some Cubist pieces by Picasso, the students noted the Pop Art lacked the complexity of the Cubist work.
He was one of the founders of the Pop Art movement in the 1950s, and helped transform the way we look at everyday life.
We will showcase the comic book pop art and then donate the actual door to a non profit or museum.
A pounds 7 million pop art wing at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the city's St Jude's Primary School clinched a 2008 Royal Institute of British Architects Award in the country's top contest for architects.
POP art, Aboriginal-style drawings and Van Gogh-inspired masterpieces went under the hammer to raise cash for a school.
This is a direct and simple book that would help elementary-school teachers and students explore Pop Art and use it as the starting point for their own creative explorations.
On one of Roxy's best songs, he writes: "An astonishing piece of pop art, 'In Every Dream Home A Heartache' is the sort of grand dramatic gesture that pop music has now largely forgotten how to make.