voting trust

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an agreement whereby persons owning stock with voting powers retain ownership while transferring the voting rights to the trustees

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Currently, only 3 percent of owners use their captives to reinsure pooling agreements.
Railway leaders after 1870 therefore had to rely on less formal and often less stable ways of regulating competition among themselves, including the rates and pooling agreements that proliferated at the time.
plans to produce specialty program business or enter into pooling agreements with other insurance companies utilizing Tower's insurance company subsidiaries.
The four property and casualty insurance subsidiaries of the Company and two subsidiaries and an affiliate of Employers Mutual (Union Insurance Company of Providence, EMC Property & Casualty Company and Hamilton Mutual Insurance Company) are parties to reinsurance pooling agreements with Employers Mutual.
These rating actions reflect the formation of two separate, newly created inter-company pooling agreements, the attributes of each pool and its effect on the overall capitalization of each pool.
Best plans to analyze the specifics of these new pooling agreements to determine what impact, if any, they will have on the financial strength ratings.
Further, all of the shares of Sedna, save for the 1,282,500 issued to former shareholders of Apollo, are subject to one of two pooling agreements.
The escrowed shares will be in two pooling agreements, one comprising the 400,000 shares relating to the Hunter Group referred to in Item 1(c) above, and the second pooling agreement comprising the balance of escrowed shares.