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a hair style that draws the hair back so that it hangs down in back of the head like a pony's tail

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Now twist your plait flat to the head around the base of the pony tail and hold in place with pins.
Two very common examples are pony tail bands and barrettes, which are extensively used by girls and women alike.
Pony Tail and company ran a promotion where furniture would be free if the Red Sox won the World Series - and then the Red Sox obliged by winning.
Khris raised more than pounds 100 by having his pony tail cut off and his head shaved
The hair was put into a side pony tail, and we pulled the elastic down away from the base of the pony so that there was a hole between the pony tail and the side of the hair so that we could twist the pony tail through itself.
The young girl is described as being aged around 10 years old with long brown hair in a pony tail to the right side.
At least he's not tied his barnet back in a pony tail yet
Enter Hyde - younger, more robust, his hair freed from a pony tail.
Receiving his award from Hilary Benn, he wore a black trilby hat, a red wool scarf round his neck, a cape over his shoulders, white trousers and white leather sandals, with a black shiny pony tail hanging down his back--the epitome of Latin American attire.
The woman is described as white, late 30s, 5ft 2in with long dyed red hair tied in a pony tail and wearing a bright green jacket and white blouse.
Officers seek help to trace the attacker, described as white, aged 13-15, with a blond pony tail and wearing a tracksuit.
The woman was aged 18 or 19, 5ft 1in to 5ft 2in, of chubby build, with long mousy hair in a pony tail.
He even tied back his unruly locks to mirror his girl's pony tail.
A MAN who cut off his ex-girlfriend's pony tail (Evening Telegraph, May 12) is deemed to have committed actual bodily harm and jailed for 12 months.