Ponce de Leon

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Spanish explorer who accompanied Columbus on his second trip in 1493

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Housing, health, financial & entertainment options will be "on exhibit," at the Ponce de Leon Mall located at 2121 US 1 South, St.
Ponce De Leon Federal Bank has ten branches in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York and Union City, New Jersey.
Daniel Ponce de Leon (Mexico) v Rey Bautista (Philippines)
Although vessels rely on the US Coastguard's modern technology, the Ponce de Leon lighthouse is now providing an extra aid to navigation - as well as being a major tourist attraction.
Pleasant Valley Country Club at Little Rock fell to fourth last year with the phenomenal rise of Isabella, and this year it has been bumped down another notch with the growing popularity of Ponce de Leon.
Cranial features considered typical of Neandertals, such as a long, flat brain case, protruding face, and flat skull floor, appeared within the first few years of life, Ponce de Leon and Zollikofer report.
Much to the dismay of Florida's present elderly constituency, Ponce de Leon never found this mythical oasis.
That orange dye must be laced with some Ponce de Leon anti-aging formula, and Willard Scott is chomping at the bit.
Plann begins her study of deaf education with the work of the Benedictine Pedro Ponce de Leon, a sixteenth century monk who dedicated much of his adult life to the instruction of aristocratic deaf boys inside the San Salvador monastery at Ona.
Recent additions to the nouvelle soul food at Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles (618 Ponce de Leon Ave.
The author, who is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, examines every significant figure involved in special education, including Ponce de Leon, Bonet, Diderot, Tuke, Gallaudet, Bell, Howe, Snellen, Jackson, Montessori, Binet, Watson, Dewey, Kirk, and Dunn.
To help elect the PRI's new presidential candidate, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, Salinas should implement the following economic policies:
Flagler College will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Hotel Ponce de Leon with a year-long commemoration of the National Historic Landmark built by Henry Flagler.
3 in Manati and barely eight months after starting operations, local mortgage lender VIG Mortgage opened its fourth branch in VIG Tower near the corner of Ponce de Leon and Roberto H.