Pompey the Great

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Roman general and statesman who quarrelled with Caesar and fled to Egypt where he was murdered (106-48 BC)

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This collection of annotated passages from Lucan's epic poem Civil Wars is accompanied by commentary on the various themes in the text as well as a historical summary of the conflict between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great.
The first chapter is a close examination of one particular triumph, that of Pompey the Great in 61 BCE, which Beard uses to sound a number of themes that she will later develop in more detail.
Cicero harked back to an event 22 years ago to support his call that Pompey the Great should be allowed to fight Mithridates VI, king of Pontus, on what is now Turkey's Black Sea coast.
There was indeed a Julius Caesar, who did indeed feud, and ultimately war, with Pompey the Great.
But the gods were no help to Pompey the Great, perhaps the greatest military talent of his time, or Gaius Julius Caesar, the most famous Roman of all.
For one thing, his rivalry with the other great Roman politician, statesman, and military leader of his day, Pompey the Great, had been simmering for years.
He also battled Pompey the Great on the fields of Philippi - or were those just press releases that said he did all those things?
He imagines Pompey the Great climbing the steps to the Holy of Holies and barking, "What the hell d'ye suppose they have in there?
So I study the National Road and its travelers, looking for a likeness of Alexander of Macedon or of Pompey the Great.
Haley (1985) investigates what we can learn about the five women married to Pompey the Great.